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The MSEE Degree Program for Students With a B.S. Degree in a Field Other than Electrical or Computer Engineering

Students with a strong academic record who hold a B.S. degree in a technical field such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science or in another branch of engineering can expect to perform well in the Department's MSEE Program provided they first develop a basic background in electrical engineering.

Students having such a bachelor of science or bachelor of engineering degree are invited to apply to the Electrical Engineering Graduate Program. All such students must provide the GRE General test score. A Subject Test in physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, or another field in which the applicant has expertise may give supportive information to the admissions committee, but the Subject Test is not required.

Previous to the time of application, or with department approval during the first few quarters of graduate study, the student is expected to make up any deficiencies in his/her electrical engineering background. The precise background requirement is determined in consultation with the EE Advising Office and should include appropriate credits from the electrical engineering core curriculum choices which follow.

Fundamental courses that are required of all non-EE degree holders are:

Beyond these basic requirements, students may also be advised to take additional 300-level and 400-level coursework by the Advising Office or faculty advisor, to assure that the student will be prepared for his/her area of study.

It is not necessary for the student to take these courses at the UW if he/she has taken equivalent courses elsewhere or has developed equivalent knowledge from individual study or experience.

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