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HallowEEn Design Challenge


Use electrical and electronic technology with a bit of creativity to design a Halloween decoration for an EE Department HallowEEn fest (Thursday 10/30 afternoon).


$700 first prize, $400 second prize, $200 third prize, four $50 honorable mentions.


Project will be judged by EE party visitors, including kids, students, staff, and perhaps even a few EE faculty members.


Designers are encouraged to team with UW students from other departments, both inside and outside of the College of Engineering, but there must be at least one undergraduate EE student on the team. To find prospective teammates, visit


All projects will be subject to a safety review by the Halloween Oversight Rigorous Review Of Responsibility & Safety (HORRORS) committee [Christie, Peckol, Ostendorf]. Of course, the review will be confidential (i.e. we won’t leak your secrets).

Intellectual Property

Designers grant permission to prize donors to use their projects for Halloween 2008 with the option for licensing in future years. Other IP rights remain with the designers.


By noon October 24, submit a brief project description, including space and installation requirements and a list of team members with email contact information and majors to .

By noon October 24, submit your design for review to the same email address. If you submit your design for review by October 17, then you will be eligible for reimbursement for supplies up to a maximum of $30.

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