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Guest Lecture by Xudong Wang

"Scalable Wireless Mesh Networks: System Architecture, Protocols, and Algorithms"

Date: Tuesday, March 11, 9:00 AM

Location: CSE691

Wireless mesh networking has become an indispensable technique for the next generation wireless networks. It is critical to large-scale wireless networks with no pre-existing infrastructure. It also enables quick-and-easy extension of a local area network into a wide area. In spite of recent advances in multi-hop wireless networking technologies, the state-of-art is still insufficient for deploying sizable wireless mesh networks (WMNs). Important aspects such as scalability, capacity, security, and manageability remain open problems.

This talk will be focused on system architecture, protocol design, and algorithms for scalable WMNs. It starts with an overview of features and research challenges of WMNs, followed by an introduction to my research contributions in capacity analysis, hybrid routing for IEEE 802.11s WMNs, and scalable medium access control (MAC) for ultra-wideband (UWB) WMNs. Then the rest of the talk will be concentrated on my research work on a distributed multi-channel TDMA MAC (DMT-MAC) protocol for IEEE 802.11 WMNs. The system architecture and testbeds of the DMT-MAC protocol will also be addressed. The DMT-MAC is unique in that the scalability is enabled by incorporating a multi-channel TDMA mechanism into a CSMA/CA platform. It also includes a distributed but coordinated time slot and channel allocation algorithm to ensure interference avoidance, QoS support, and fairness.

This talk will be concluded by a summary of remaining research problems in the DMT-MAC as well as a brief introduction to my other research projects on wireless networking.

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