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Belkin Buys Zensi

Photo of Shwetak Patel
Shwetak Patel

Zensi, a startup company founded by EE Professor Shwetak Patel, Duke Professor Matthew Reynolds, Georgia Tech Professor Gregory Abowd and Ph.D. candidate Erich Stuntebeck, has been acquired by Belkin Technologies. Zensi specializes in power management applications, such as monitoring and profiling the amounts and patterns of electricity used by individual appliances and other devices throughout a home or business. Belkin is looking to expand its portfolio of energy management technologies through its Conserve business unit.

Professors Patel and Reynolds will continue on as technical consultants to Belkin.

More information can be found in this CNet story, this story on Yahoo! Finance, and this item on You might also be interested in this UW News article.

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