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"Bumblebee" wins 2010 DAC/ISSCC Design Competition

Bumblebee Team
The Bumblebee team: Shailesh Rai, Jagdish Pandey, Brian Otis, Tim Morrison, Helen Zhang
and Jeremy Holleman (inset)

A team from Professor Brian Otis' Wireless Sensing Lab has been named a winner at the 2010 Design Automation Conference (DAC)/International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) Design Competition. Their entry, titled "The Bumblebee: A 0.3 gram, 560uW, 0.1cm3 Wireless Biosignal Interface with 10-m Range", was authored by Tim Morrison, Helen Zhang, Shailesh Rai, Jagdish Pandey, Jeremy Holleman, and Brian Otis.


The DAC/ISSCC Student Design Contest is intended "to promote excellence in the design of electronic systems by providing competition between graduate and undergraduate students at universities and colleges." The contest is jointly sponsored by the DAC, the ISSCC, and various corporate sponsors.

The Bumblebee design will be featured at the ISSCC in San Francisco in February, and again at an awards ceremony at the Design Automation Conference in Anaheim in June.

We are very proud of the Bumblebee team!

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