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Five EE students selected as Mary Gates Scholars

Clockwise from upper left: Nominerdene Oyunerdene, Erik Josberger, Brendan Trimboli, Cezanne Camacho (not pictured: Alexander Spott)

The Mary Gates Endowment funds hundreds of University of Washington undergraduate students every year through Research, Leadership, Venture and Honors scholarships. These scholarships support students to engage in activities that enhance their undergraduate experience, encouraging student learning both in and outside the classroom. This year, five EE students were selected as 2009-10 Mary Gates Scholars. Our scholarship winners, along with their project titles (if applicable), are:

Honors and Space Grant Scholar
Cezanne Camacho

Leadership Scholar
Nomin Oyunerdene – NoRoBo: Motivating underrepresented kids in the field of science and engineering

Research Scholars
Erik Josberger – Optical Measurements of the Fundamental Nano-Scale Properties of Transition Metal Oxides
Alexander Spott – Mid-Infrared Waveguiding
Brendan Trimboli – Energy-Harvesting Power Supply for Small Wireless Sensors

We are extremely proud of our students!

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