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NRC Assessment of Research Doctorate Programs

September 27, 2010

The NRC assessment of the UW Department of Electrical Engineering, released on September 27, 2010, is based on clearly erroneous data. The resulting rankings are therefore not representative of the accomplishments of UWEE.

The following explains a few of the errors in the NRC document:

When the NRC report was made available on September 20th, 2010 to the University of Washington, one week prior to the official release date of September 27, 2010, the College of Engineering immediately informed NRC of these errors and asked NRC to make corrections. NRC was unwilling to do so.

"A Data-Based Assessment" of UW EE by NRC is based on clearly erroneous data. For UW EE, any conclusions drawn from the NRC report are meaningless.

Since 2006, the UWEE tenure/tenure track faculty size has grown from 36 to 42 and our research activities have significantly increased. Upon graduation, many of doctoral graduates have continued productive research as professors in universities and as research scientists and engineers in industries and government laboratories.

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