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Three UW EE Alumni Win Outstanding Recruiter Awards from Sandia Lab

Sandia Lab's UW recruiting team
Rick Stulen (Sandia Labs California VP), Lisa Andersen, David Burnett, Harvey Ho, Alec Willis ("Mentor Emeritus"), Bryn Miyahara, and Jonathan Zimmerman (Sandia Principal Member of Technical Staff)


Congratulations to UW EE Alumni Lisa Anderson (formerly Hansen), David Burnett, and Harvey Ho for winning the “Outstanding Recruiter Award” from Sandia Laboratories. Each member of the UW recruiting team, comprised of Alex Willis, Lisa Anderson, David Burnett, Harvey Ho, and Bryn Miyahara received the award for their collaborative recruiting efforts, and Jonathan Zimmerman received an award for his individual efforts.

Alec Willis is responsible for recruiting each of the four UW recruitment team members when they graduated from UW, and says that it is “fun” to work with them. He successfully recruited them to continue the job of recruiting outstanding Master’s and Ph.D. graduates of UW. He has received such comments as “wow,” “incredible,” “great recruiting” from his Sandia colleagues regarding this award-winning recruiting team of UW alums. Lisa Hansen Andersen, David Burnett, and Harvey Ho earned bachelors and masters degrees in electrical engineering, and Bryn Miyahara earned a bachelor and a master degree in mechanical engineering. Sandia R&D currently has 84 employees who have graduate degrees from UW, including degrees from both engineering and the sciences. EE, ME, CSE, Chemistry, Material Science, Physics, and A&A are all represented.

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