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2011 UW Environmental Innovation Challenge Winners

UWEE students and faculty were part of two winning teams taking part in this year's Environmental Innovation Challenge. Undergraduate student Kerwin Loukusa was a member of the first-place winning team, while grad student Charlie Matlack and Professor Howard Chizeck were associated with the team taking second. A total of 17 teams from around the region participated in this year's competition.

In the UW Challenge, interdisciplinary student teams define a cleantech problem, design and develop the solution, and produce both a prototype (proof of concept/computer simulation) and business summary that demonstrates the market opportunity. Teams are judged by Seattle-area experts, entrepreneurs, and cleantech investors—on their prototypes, pitches and business summaries, plus the potential impact of their innovation. Can your idea reduce environmental impacts, improve ecological sustainability, conserve resources and compete in the marketplace? Prove it.

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