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Todd Duncombe awarded NSF Fellowship

Todd Duncombe, who was an UWEE undergraduate and is now a graduate student at the University of California Berkeley, has been awarded an NSF Fellowship for 2011. As an undergrad, Duncombe worked in the MEMS Lab and was advised by Professor Karl Böhringer. His research during this time was also featured in EEK 2009 (see page 13). In addition to Duncombe, fellow UWEE alumnus Ramses Alcaide and current UWEE graduate students Ahlmahz Negash and Nathaniel McVicar were also 2011 NSF Fellowship recipients.

GRFP awards provide three years of support including an annual stipend, cost-of-education allowance, an international travel allowance, and TeraGrid supercomputer access. More details about the program can be found on the NSF GRFP website.

Congratulations Todd!

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