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UW's iGEM Team Wins Regional are World Champions!

Photo courtesy of iGEM and David Donovan Evans
Update November 7, 2011: This just in from the iGEM World Jamboree in Cambridge Massachusetts... the UW iGEM team has been declared World Champions of iGEM 2011! Congratulations to all of you!

A team of students from the University of Washington was declared the winner at the recent 2011 iGEM Americas Regional Jamboree, held in Indianapolis October 9-10. The UW team is advised by faculty Eric Klavins and David Baker, along with EE graduate student Rob Egbert, and made up of undergraduate students from many departments. Competition was against other teams from both North and South America.

iGEM is a student synthetic biology competition. Starting with a kit of biological parts, student teams design and build biological systems.

The world competition is coming up in November - good luck team!

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