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Ubicomp lab's SoundWave in the News

Ubicomp lab's SoundWave project has been in the press quite a bit lately. Below is our current list of related news stories.

Next Up in Kinect-Style Motion Sensing: Ultrasound?
Popular Mechanics - May 25, 2012

Microsoft devices turn the body into a wireless computer controller
Washington Post - May 21, 2012

Gesture Control System Uses Sound Alone
Technology Review - May 7, 2012

Microsoft Is Working On Gesture Tech That Uses Only A Microphone and Speakers
Geekosystem - May 7, 2012

Microsoft Turns Jazz Hands Into Gesture Commands Using Sound Waves
PC World - May 07, 2012

Researchers use Doppler Effect for computer gesture control
PhysOrg - May 07, 2012

SoundWave Cleverly Implements Gesture Recognition Into Existing PC Hardware
TechLi - May 07, 2012

Microsoft creates Kinect-like system using your laptopís built-in speaker & microphone
ExtremeTech - May 7, 2012

Microsoft creates Kinect-like motion control for laptops using sound waves
The Verge - May 08, 2012

SoundWave uses Doppler Effect to bring Kinect-like gesture recognition to PCs
GizMag - May 08, 2012

SoundWave demonstrates its hand gesture technology - no motion camera needed
Pocket-lint - May 08, 2012

Microsoft Develops Kinect Like Gesture Recognition without Cameras
Techie Buzz - May 08, 2012

Gesture Sensing Alternatives Use Radio Interference, Doppler Effect
PC World - May 09, 2012

Laptop uses sound for gesture control
Discovery News - May 09 2012

CHI2012: Microsoft Research projects offer new takes on gesture sensing
CIOtv - May 9, 2012

Microsoft Showcases SoundWave Technology Which Lets You Control Your PC Using Kinect-Like Gestures
Redmond Pie - May 09, 2012

Microsoft working on sound waves-based Kinect-like controller
Tech2 - May 09, 2012

Microsoft SoundWave: It's like Kinect, but skips the cameras
CNET - May 08, 2012

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