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Five PMP Students Win "Best Project" Award from Microsoft Research

PMP Best Project award winners
The winning team members with the EE 596 course instructor, (from left to right): Jonah Nelson, Kylie Garey, Amanda Hein, Elliot Saba (course instructor), Christina Vasquez and Patrick Sills

EE Professional Master's Program
EE 596: Mobile Applications for Sensing & Control

Winter Quarter 2013, the EE Professional Master’s Program offered a first-of-its kind course in Mobile Applications for Sensing & Control, taught by EE graduate student Elliot Saba. A revolution in electrical engineering and related fields has come from the low cost and wide availability of mobile computing, along with computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered over “The Cloud” network. This revolution has had a major impact on sensing and control, so that networked embedded systems - which are controlled by a hand-held or tablet-based mobile devices - are the user interface and electrical engineering sensors, along with advanced and increasingly flexible signal processing and control algorithms which make use of large scale databases and computation. This course began with elementary sensing, such as audio input and output, and then moved on to the use of built-in GPS, gyroscopes, and accelerometers. The course then focused on images via built-in cameras, as well as the relative strengths and weaknesses of control via Internet protocol, Bluetooth, and USB, with a goal of real-time full-duplex communication. The course made use of Microsoft Research’s Project Hawaii software-development kit, with access to the latest operating systems and Cloud platforms.

At the end of the quarter, two winning teams were chosen to receive the “Best Project” award, sponsored by Microsoft Research’s Project Hawaii.

The Dancing Robot Team Project

Interested in taking this course?
Enroll in our Professional Masters Program (PMP). This PMP course will be offered again Spring 2014, under the course number, EE 590: Mobile Applications for Sensing & Control.

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