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Saba and Medero Receive COE Dean's Fellowships

EE graduate students Elliot Saba and Julie Medero have been selected to receive College of Engineering (COE) Dean’s Fellowships for 2013-2014. These fellowships provide a total amount of $25,500, which covers State resident tuition, insurance for two quarters and a stipend over the course of two quarters. The department provides the remaining two quarters of support via a Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant position.

Elliott Saba received the Baker Fellowship and the Boeing Fellowship from COE. His research interests include digital signal processing, machine learning and applications to neuroscience. He hopes to apply his knowledge of signals and systems to the analysis of neural imaging data to better understand the communication networks present in each and every one of us. Elliot is co-advised by EE Professor Les Atlas and Professor KC Adrian Lee of UW I-Labs.

Julie Medero received the Osberg Fellowship from COE. Her resaerch focuses on automatically simplifying texts for low-literacy adults. By analyzing audio recordings and gaze-tracking data from people who are reading out loud, sh is using machine learning techniques to predict where a news article, public health document, or other text is likely to be difficult, and to automatically make it easier to read while making minimal changes to the meaning of the text. Julie is advised by Professor Mari Ostendorf.

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