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Radha Poovendran is UW EE’s 24th IEEE Fellow

Professor Radha Poovendran is the 24th UW EE faculty member to be elected an Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Fellow. Poovendran is honored for his contributions to security in cyber-physical systems.

Poovendran has been a professor at UW since 2000 and founded the Network Security Lab (NSL@UW) in 2001, which he has directed since then. His research group has contributed to the area of cyber-physical systems in security since 2002. The impact of Poovendran’s research and that of his team is reflected by the positions his students accept in academia, the defense sectors and US industry, working for companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, Cisco and Google.

Poovendran is a founding member and associate director of research for the UW Center for Excellence in Information Assurance Research and Education. He has also been a member of the advisory boards for Information Security Education and Networking Education Outreach at UW.

The title of IEEE Fellow is bestowed by the Board of Directors to professionals who have made remarkable contributions in their field. The number of fellows selected each year is less than 0.1% of the total voting membership of the organization.

UW EE adjunct faculty member and CSE Professor Dieter Fox and UW A&A professor Mehran Mesbahi were also included in this year’s class of new IEEE Fellows. Congratulations to all three!




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