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UW EE to Demo SERS Team Project at SmartAmerica Expo, June 11 at the Washington DC Convention Center

Members of the UW EE department and UW startup BluHaptics, along with other members of the Smart Emergency Response Systems (SERS) team will demonstrate their technology at the SmartAmerica Expo in Washington, D.C. on June 11. This is part of the SmartAmerica Challenge.

The SERS team conducted a trial run of the technologies that they will be taking to the SmartAmerica Expo on May 13 in the UW Electrical Engineering Atrium. This event was attended by representatives from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and members of the Washington State government, as well as local business and other leaders.

The SERS team includes UW EE's Professor Howard Chizeck, EE doctoral student Kevin Huang, Dr. Fredrik Ryden of BluHaptics, and individuals from Boeing, MathWorks, MIT Media Lab, National Instruments, North Carolina State University, University of North Texas and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Videos that describe the SERS team project, and show the events in Seattle are below.

The Expo will showcase and celebrate progress made by 24 technical teams who took up the challenge to envision integrated systems of cyber and physical technologies that could improve our everyday lives. The goal of the SmartAmerica Challenge is to demonstrate how cyber-physical systems and the Internet of things can boost American competitiveness and provide concrete socio-economic benefits such as job creation, new business opportunities, economic growth, and improved quality of life.

Attendance to the Expo is free, but registration is required. For more information on the Expo and to register, visit:

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