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BluHaptics Receives Most Promising Company Award

BluHaptics, a start-up with origins in the UW EE Department, was honored with the Most Promising Company Award at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston on May 4, 2015.

BluHaptics is a UW EE and Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) spinoff, founded in 2013 by EE Professor Howard Chizeck, alum Fredrik Ryden (EE Ph.D. ‘13) and APL scientist and EE affiliate faculty member Andy Stewart. The software company fuses 2D and 3D video in real time to enable precision control of robots and drones.

At the conference, Donald Pickering, CEO of BluHaptics, presented a five-year vision for the subsea ROV industry and outlined the company's roadmap. From the way that subsea equipment is manipulated, to the manner in which complex ocean data is processed and compiled, BluHaptics is charging ahead with solutions that promise greater precision, efficiency, and safety of subsea operations, Pickering said.

“One thing is clear: our technology is in a unique position to revolutionize the way offshore operations are conducted,” Pickering said.  

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