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Professor Rajesh Rao Proves Brains Can Talk a Mile Away

A recent experiment that linked two human brains for a question-and-answer experiment evolved out of research by EE Adjunct Faculty member Rajesh Rao, who is a UW professor of Computer Science & Engineering.

The recent research grew out of Rao’s previous research that proved that people could activate devices with their brain using brain-computer interfaces, which foster a direct communication pathway between external devices and the brain. In 2011, Rao began collaborating with UW researchers to explore communication between two human brains.

In the recent question-and-answer experiment, UW researchers used a direct brain-to-brain connection to enable participants, who were located more than a mile apart, to transmit signals from one brain to another using the Internet. The experiment is possibly the first to demonstrate that people can determine what’s on another person’s mind.

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