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EE Faculty Elected IEEE Seattle Section Officers

Out of eight newly elected 2016 IEEE Seattle Section Officers, three are UW EE faculty members. Congratulations to Professors M.P. Anantram, Chris Rudell and Affiliate Faculty Member Xiaodong He. The new officers were sworn in on January 12, 2016. More details about each faculty member and their IEEE position are provided below:

Professor M.P. Anantram
Chapter Chair of
Antennas and Propagation/Electron Devices/Microwave Theory
Professor M.P. Anantram’s group works on the theory and modeling of nanoscale electronic devices and materials. The current focus is multi-scale modeling of phase change and resistive memory devices, modeling of electron transport in DNA, fast algorithms to calculate Gless and their application to model devices based on two dimensional materials such as graphene and boron nitride. Anantram's prior research included the modeling of nanoscale transistors and carbon nanotube devices. He worked at the NASA Ames Research Center and the University of Waterloo before joining UW.

Professor Chris Rudell
Chapter Chair of Circuits and Systems
Professor Chris Rudell joined the EE department as an Assistant Professor in January 2009. Prior to joining UW EE he was an IC Designer and Project Manager with Delco Electronics (now Delphi); a postdoctoral Researcher at the University of California at Berkeley; an Analog/RF IC Design Engineer at Berkana Wireless (now Qualcomm) in San Jose, California, and later became the Design Manager of the Advanced IC Development Group; and worked in the Advanced Radio Technology Group, at Intel, where his work focused mainly on RF transceiver circuits and systems, in advanced silicon processes. His group's research focuses on a broad range of topics related to analog, mixed-signal, RF and mm-wave circuits.

Xiaodong He
2016 Chair of
IEEE Seattle Section
Affiliate faculty member Xiaodong He is a Senior Researcher in the Deep Learning Technology Center of Microsoft Research, in Redmond, WA. His research interests are mainly in the machine intelligence areas, including deep learning, speech, natural language, computer vision, information retrieval, and knowledge representation and management. He has received several awards including the Outstanding Paper Award of ACL 2015. He is a frequent tutorial and keynote speaker at major conferences in these areas. He and colleagues developed the MSR-NRC-SRI entry and the MSR entry that won No. 1 in the 2008 NIST Machine Translation Evaluation and the 2011 IWSLT Evaluation (Chinese-to-English), respectively, and the MSR image captioning system that won the 1st Prize at the MS COCO Captioning Challenge 2015.

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