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Undergraduates Phillippe Phanivong and Josh Monson Win Poster Contest

UW EE undergraduates Phillippe Phanivong and Josh Monson won the student poster contest at a symposium titled “Transforming the Future: A Symposium on the Science & Technology of Energy Storage in the Pacific Northwest” on September 22, 2015.

Held at UW, the symposium was hosted by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory at UW, Washington State University and the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research. Attendees included undergraduate and graduate students from various universities and UW departments.

Phanivong presented a poster authored by himself and Monson titled "An Optimization Model for the Operation of Energy Storage in Stochastic Unit Commitment." The work was performed under Ph.D. Student Yury Dvorkin and Professor Daniel Kirschen as part of Kirschen's Renewable Energy Analysis Lab. The research explored how to best operate energy storage units in a transmission network of wind farms and traditional generation, as well as what factors can affect the operational strategies employed.

"Josh and I have been really excited about this work." Phanivong said. "Working with Yury and Prof. Kirschen has been a great experience and we hope to take the next step with them to publish the results we've obtained."

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