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Graduate Student Jingda Wu’s Paper
Featured in Advanced Optical Materials

EE Ph.D. student Jingda Wu’s paper is featured as the inside front cover image and article in Advanced Optical Materials’ November 2015 edition

In his paper, Wu discusses using naturally grown reed membranes to fabricate Zinc Oxide (ZnO) nanocrystal flexible ultraviolet photodetectors. Nonuniform fabrication methods commonly used in flexible devices often result in electrical malfunctions. This can be easily circumvented with the reed membrane acting as the interspacing layer and embedding the active materials.

Utilizing reed membranes, Wu’s devices achieve external quantum efficiencies of more than 3% at 350nm wavelength and more than 1% in general near-UV range. This method can be applied to other types of optoelectronic devices such as wearable displays and photovoltaics that convert solar energy into electricity.

Congratulations, Jingda!

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