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SNUPI Start-up Sells WallyHome Sensor Technology to Sears

SNUPI Technologies, a start-up cofounded by UW EE and CSE Professors Shwetak Patel and Matt Reynolds, UW EE alum Gabe Cohn (Ph.D. ’14) and CSE alum Jeremy Jaech has sold its WallyHome sensor technology to Sears.

SNUPI’s first product, the WallyHome water leak detection system alerts homeowners to problems such as water leaks by monitoring changes in temperature and moisture.

With the acquisition of WallyHome, Sears hopes to strengthen its current line of smart home devices. According to the deal, Sears will open a new office on the UW campus and add four new employees. The co-founders of SNUPI Technologies also will provide consulting servies to Sears for the development of new products.   

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