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EE's Sumit Roy to Investigate Efficient Use of Radio Spectrum

EE Professor Sumit Roy has received a three-year grant from the U.S. Air Force’s Contested Environment Radio Frequency Exploitation and Research (CERFER) program to investigate more efficient use of the radio spectrum, which is the driver of the modern Internet era.

With escalating demands on the radio spectrum, Roy’s research will specifically explore the co-existence between radar systems, such as those used for national security purposes and air traffic control, and modern communication systems such as cellular and WiFi. The simultaneous operation of modern communication systems and radar systems has the potential to cause interference, resulting in compromised operations. The objective of Roy’s research is, therefore, to explore ways for the two systems to co-exist in the same location, time and frequency space for more efficient use of the radio spectrum.

“Radio spectrum is a finite, yet incredibly precious commodity, as its availability is fundamental to all modern wireless communication systems and underlies all the popular modes of broadband Internet access,” Roy said.

The research will be undertaken in collaboration with Pennsylvania State University.

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