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Professor Shlizerman Receives Teaching Award

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Eli Shizerman, who received the 2016 Applied Math Teaching Award for outstanding teaching by a member of the faculty. Shlizerman specialized in teaching courses in the field of Scientific Computing for both undergraduate and graduate students in the Colleges of Engineering and Arts and Sciences.

In April, Shlizerman published research that unlocked the elusive methods of monarch butterfly migrations. The research delved into the unique process of how butterflies process information, discovering that input about the time of day and sun’s position on the horizon lead to a successful south migration each year. The research has implications for the development and design of bio-inspired systems, such as autonomous flight navigation controllers.

Shlizerman joined the Electrical Engineering (EE) faculty in Fall 2015, utilizing his data analysis expertise in applied mathematics to advance EE strengths in neural networks, data analysis, smart devices, and biorobotics.

Congratulations, Eli!

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