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Entrepreneurial Engineering Capstone Students
Present Project at Booz Allen Hamilton Idea Fest

As part of UW EE’s new Entrepreneurial Engineering Capstone Course, which kicked-off winter quarter 2016, students collaborating with Booz Allen Hamilton presented their project at the annual Booz Allen Hamilton Idea Fest, at the Columbia Tower, on Saturday, March 5. The student team is comprised of UW EE seniors Philip David, Kevin Fukuhara, Kyle Lashbrook, Shruti Misra and William Thing.

“We were excited to get such warm feedback from our mentors at Booz Allen and many other folks in attendance,” said student Philip David. “This project is an example of how UW EE students and local companies can connect to solve complex design challenges, while providing students with invaluable real-world engineering experience.”

Since January 2016, the student team has been working with Booz Allen Hamilton on an interesting design challenge to capture georeferenced image and video data of the undersea domain, which are then mapped onto existing bathymetric datasets that specify the underwater depth of the ocean floor. The result is an intuitive, visual representation of underwater areas of interest. The student team aims to build a functional prototype of the ROV system, including an underwater imaging payload and acoustic positioning system, by June 2016. The research is part of a larger project under development at Booze Allen's Seattle office to integrate various static and dynamic data sources with bathymetric models of the seafloor.

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