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WiSE Summer Bridge Students Develop Smart, Stable Walker

Through a collaboration with WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering), two pre-engineering students had the opportunity to develop the Wise Walker, a more stable option for walker users. April Opsvig and Zoe Nelson designed the device over a one-month internship, under the guidance of Research Associate Professor Linda Bushnell.

PhD student (and TA on the project), Sang Sagong, developed the concept for Wise Walker for his Engineering Innovation in Medicine course this past spring. He designed a device that will serve those in need of walker support through intuitive brakes and speed control and stability.

Opsvig and Nelson learned several electrical engineering components, including control feedback, sensors, actuators and testing. Through the use of sensors, they were able to develop a system that is more stable – a significant need for those who rely on a walker.

The WiSE UP Summer Bridge Program empowers women interested in science and engineering fields by offering a collaborative and learner-centered environment. In a short amount of time, Ospvig and Nelson were able to develop their engineering skills and create a device that improves quality of life.

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