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BioRobotics Students Demo Research at IEEE Gala

What better place to show off one’s research than at a gala event with other researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs in attendance? Two Electrical Engineering students gave demos of their work at the IEEE Seattle 110th Anniversary Gala event on October 19 at the Pacific Science Center.

Graduate student researchers Jeffrey Herron and Kevin Huang showcased ongoing research from the UW BioRobotics Lab. Herron demonstrated his work on prototype ambulatory closed-loop deep-brain stimulation systems, which consists of a mobile application that uses wearable sensing to trigger and modify neural stimulation parameters in an implantable deep brain stimulator. The application won the student mobile app competition. Watch a video to learn how the mobile system works.

“Demonstrating technologies to industry and engineers is incredibly rewarding, as I am given technical insight and feedback that helps shape the forward direction of my ongoing research,” Herron said.

Huang demonstrated new virtual fixture haptic feedback technologies with a Kuka robot. Using a haptic endpoint, users manipulated a valve using the robotic arm. Haptic feedback allows users to feel force feedback from the robot and virtual fixtures were used to guide the movement. Watch a video to see the technology demonstrated.

“I observed great interest among the attendees, as they gathered around the haptics telerobotics and android-platform controller for deep brain stimulation demonstrations,” Professor Howard J. Chizeck said. “I am fortunate to have such great students.”


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