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The Dean W. Lytle Electrical Engineering Endowed Lecture Series

Previous Lytle Lecturers

The Science of Information: From Pushing Bits Over the Air to Assembling World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzles
For General Audience
Monday, November 2, 3:30pm
UW Campus, Paul G. Allen Center, CSE Atrium
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Haplotype Phasing, Convolutional Codes and Community Detection
Technical Colloquium
Tuesday, November 3, 10:30am
UW Campus, Electrical Engineering Building, Room 105
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Evolution of Mobile Air Interface Technology
For General Audience

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Road to 5G
Technical Colloquium
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Host: Dr. Louis Scharf, Research Professor, Department of Mathematics, Colorado State University.



Stephen P. Boyd, Samsung Professor, Electrical Engineering, Stanford

Title (General Audience): The Science of Better: Embedded Optimization in Smart Systems.

Title (Colloquium): Convex Optimization: From Embedded Real-time to Large-Scale Distributed.

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Alan S. Willsky, Edwin Sibley Webster Professor at MIT

Title (General Audience): Learning & Inference for Graphical & Hierarchical Models:
A Personal Journey

Title (Colloquium): Building a Career on the Kindness of Others

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Ingrid Daubechies, James B. Duke Professor of Mathematics at Duke University

Title (General Audience): Can Image Analysis Detect the Hand of the Master? Wavelets and Applications to the Analysis of Art Paintings

Title (Colloquium):Quantifying the (dis)similarity Between Surfaces

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Thomas Kailath, Hitachi America Professor of Engineering Emeritus at Stanford

Title (General Audience): Mathematical Engineering: Origins and Impact

Title (Colloquium): From Radiative Transfer Theory to Fast Algorithms for Cell Phones

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Irwin Jacobs, Co-founder of Qualcomm

Title: From Cell Phones to Smart Phones to Smart Books—An Exciting Journey

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Vince Poor, Dean of the School of Engineering & Applied Sciences at Princeton University

Title (General Audience): Anytime, Anywhere: The Wireless Revolution

Title (Colloquium): Competition and Collaboration in Wireless Networks

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