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Victor Moore, M.S. '90
Candidate area: Robotics
Advisor: Robert Albrecht

Living in Seattle. Working for Washington Mutual in Modeling and Analytics for Home Loans Risk Management.


John Branch, B.S. '91
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering
Most recent employer: Darby and Darby, PC
Most recent position: Patent Attorney


Mark Hadland, B.S. '91
Area of study: Digital Signal Processing
Most recent employer: Level 11 Consulting
Most recent position: Managing Director


Mark Bushbeck, M.S. '92
Candidate area: Electromagnetics & Signal Processing
Most recent employer: The Boeing Company

Achieved PhD candidacy in EE. Currently enrolled in the Technology MBA program. Still building up my own consulting business (MdB Entertainment Engineering), and performing music - Miles From Chicago, Seattle Live Band, solo guitar, etc.


Garrison Greenwood, Ph.D. '92
Greenwood is a professor in the ECE department at Portland State University in Portland, OR. On January 1, 2009 he becomes the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation.


Paul E. Porath, B.S. '92
Most recent employer: ON Semiconductor
Most recent position: Staff Process Engineer

Since graduation in 1992, I have often wished I stayed and went to Graduate School at the UW. The years there were the best! Ah well, such is life.

I started working in semiconductor manufacturing in 1994 at NEC Electronics in Roseville CA. I worked as an equipment engineer there for a couple of years, then made my way back north to work at Matsushita Semiconductor in Puyallup. My wife (fiance at the time) came up to house-hunt and decided she didn't want to live in the greater Seattle metroplex (too gloomy, too many trees (she is from SoCal)), so quit my job and moved back to CA.

Got married and we decided to move to Idaho so I could work for a small semiconductor manufacturing company is SE Idaho (American Microsystems, not MICRON). Have been living and working in SE Idaho ever since. We have two wonderful children, 8 and 10, who I am molding into rabid Dawg fans! By the time they get out of high school, there will be only one University worth considering in their minds... The UW of course! We visit the U a couple times a year, as most of my immediate family lives in Seattle. I love walking through campus and am just amazed at the changes since I attended.


Hans-Gerd Berns, M.S. '93
Candidate area: Electro Acoustics, DSP
Advisor: Robert P. Porter
Place of internship: Karl Kisters Maschinenbau, Kleve/Germany

I'm still at the UW.
In the summer of 1991 (while a EE grad student), I joined the Particle Astrophysics group at the UW Physics department as a research assistant. After MSEE graduation in 1993, the Physics department hired me as full-time professional staff and I have been working at that position ever since.
Our group is involved with cosmic ray research and particle research, with the main interest in experimental neutrino studies. Initially we were working on the DUMAND project in Hawaii (Deep Underwater Muon And Neutrino Detector) which I was hired for building an underwater acoustical positioning system and using applied DSP technologies.
In 1994 we joined the Super-Kamiokande collaboration, an international collaboration of high energy physicists and engineers which built the currently largest underground cherenkov detector in the world in the middle of a mountain in Japan. Super-Kamiokande started taking data in April 1996 and has been a very successful adventure so far. My job tasks for that project have evolved a lot over time, starting with building high-speed data acquisition electronics modules, GPS systems for precision timing, writing a lot of online software (C code, shell scripting, etc.), monitoring software for remote operation over the web (html, perl, cgi), and also learning a lot about plumbing and operating/maintaining a large air blower system with water-cooled heat exchanger, etc. (to provide continuos fresh air supply to the underground experiment site).
Besides Super-Kamiokande, we were also participating at the K2K project (KEK-to-Kamioka), 1999-2005), a long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment where an artificial neutrino beam was created at the KEK accelerator in Tsukuba, Japan, and pointed towards the Super-Kamiokande detector in Kamioka, Japan, approx. 250 km distance. We are now in the progress of building T2K (Tokai-to-Kamioka), the successor project to K2K, with a stronger neutrino beam generated at the new JPARC accelerator facilities in Tokai, Japan (approx. 100km east of Tokyo), currently under construction.
So, I travel a lot. :-)

On the personal side: I became a permanent resident (green card) in 2001. I purchased a nice little house in Shoreline in 2002, about 7 miles north of the UW. Got married to my beautiful wife Kim last year in September 2006.

- Hans


John Brew, M.S. '93
Candidate area: Electromagnetics
Advisor: Irene Peden
Place of internship:
Year graduated: 1982, 1993
Degree(s) received: BSEE, MSEE

I am a Technical Fellow at Boeing, where I have worked for the last 22 years. I have got to work on a variety of projects, usually adding gadgets of all sorts onto Boeing aircraft. I have been married for almost 25 years, we have one son. (My wife and I met at UW, where I got my BSEE in 1982 and MSEE in 1993.) I am grateful to UW for a great education.


Nanlin Chiang, B.S. '93
After graduating from UW in 1993, I worked 2 years as an inside plant engineer with Guam Telephone Authority. From then on I took a detour in career path. For the next 11 years I was back in school in Boston, receiving my DMD from Harvard School of Dental Medicine and MD degree from Harvard Medical School, as well as completing the residency in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. I am now in private practice in Sacramento CA. Still fond of the days of reading The Daily, and firing Nd:YAG laser on a cow's eyeball in Prof. Kelin Kuhn's basement lab. Go Huskies!


Chris Kelly, B.S. '93
Candidate area: Analog Circuits / Control Systems
Most recent employer: Intel Corporation
Most recent position: Director of Platform Engineering, Data Center


Sung-Wook Goh, B.S. '94
Candidate area: Signal processing & Communications


Gil Lund, B.S. '94
Candidate area: Semiconductor Physics
Advisor: Tom Pearsall
Place of internship: Intel
Most recent employer: Lund Engineering
Most recent position: Principal Engineer

Lund Engineering designs custom, automated, industrial equipment for manufacturing in a variety of industries (Composites, semiconductor, space). LEI is always looking for talented Electrical, Mechanical, and Software engineers who have a strong hands on background and passion for engineering.


Cliff Liewei Ma, Ph.D. '94
Candidate area: Electrical engineering
Advisor: Peter Lauritzen
Most recent employer: VoiceOn Technology Inc.
Most recent position: CEO

I am running a startup company in Beijing China we are developing product for automatic speaking language certificaion (English, Chinese, and others) using the advanced computer algorithms.

Our 2nd product is based on embedded voice command recognition, which is used on various mobile devices. It provides a convenient way for end users to control a device. it is seen as the next generaton man-machine interface.

I welcome our alumni to collaborate in any shape or form.


Bijan Elahi, M.S. '95
Advisor: William Bricken

I'm working at Baxter International, a health care company, as a lead system designer. I work in the renal R&D division and design dialysis machines.


Jerry Russell, B.S. '96
Candidate area: Digital Electronics

Worked at Lattice Semiconductor in SF Bay Area for 3 years. Left to start my own software company and bounced around as lead architect for various software companies. Currently a lead architect at Oracle.


Woobin Lee, Ph.D. '97
Area of study: Image Processing
Advisor: Yongmin Kim
Most recent employer: Aptina
Most recent position: Director of Sales


Michael Crandall, B.S. '98
Candidate area: Digital Systems
Place of internship: Analex Corporation, Littleton, CO

Just passed 9 years working at Microsoft Corporation, now as a Lead Software Development Engineer in Test; Unmarried, no kids; Work affords me the luxary to travel, sometimes even at their expense :) - detinations inlude: Spain, Portugal, London, Ireland, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, and India.


Rob McGarty, B.S. '98
Candidate area: Computers and Signals
Place of internship: Intel

I am yet another EE grad without an EE related job. I did software for several years and recently switched over to running real estate operations at Redfin, where are are looking for a few good please send an email to ee_ugrad for me.

I am also working on another more EE related project with one of my EE buddies Joel. We design, manufacture and sell amateur radio programming devices:


Richard Adams, Ph.D. '99
Area of study: Robotics
Advisor: Hannaford
Most recent employer: Barron Associates Inc.
Most recent position: Senior Research Scientist

I would love to hear from UW (robotics, controls, bioengineering) students who are interested in job opportunities in Charlottesville, VA.


Greg Plichta, B.S. '99
Candidate area: Signal Processing
Most recent employer: Intellectual Ventures
Most recent position: Patent Attorney

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