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Welcome to the University of Washington and the 2015 Jelinek Summer Workshop.  If you are an international visitor, please review the information on the UW's J-1 Reference Guide page.

If you need information on hotel/dorm accommodations, options for dining and groceries, and suggestions for transportation and area tourist attractions, the links above will take you to the relevant pages.

Information on the page below includes:


Social Events

Opening Day
The workshop begins on Monday, July 6, with the following events:

Summer School
Following is the schedule for June 22 through July 2:

The workshop begins July 6, with the following agenda:

Detailed schedules for each week are available as follows:

Closing Presentations: Aug. 13-14


Emergency Phone Numbers:

Workshop Venue

Location and Map
The workshop is located at the University of Washington, Department of Electrical Engineering:

185 Stevens Way
Paul Allen Center
Seattle, WA 98195-2500

Click on the map above or find a campus map here.

Coming soon- check back for more information in coming months.

The two-week summer school teachings will take place in Mechanical Engineering Building (MEB) 242.  The lab sections will take place in Electrical Engineering Building (EEB) 269/265.  Over the course of the six-week workshop, the Friday morning weekly Plenary Speaker will take place in Electrical Engineering Building (EEB) 105 from 10-11am PDT. Relevant Electrical Engineering Building floor plans to help you find your way are: EE Upper Basement and EE Second Floor.


Below is a list of daycare/childcare providers that are located near the University of Washington. It is the responsibility of the participant seeking childcare to research and contact daycares, as this is strictly a list of vendors. Also, a directory of UW students seeking part-time employment as caregivers is available here. You will find contact information, availabilities and preferred type of employment.

Summer Camps

Other Resources


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