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Eli Shlizerman Appointed UW eScience Institute Data Science Fellow

UW EE faculty member Eli Shlizerman, who has a joint appointment in EE and Applied Mathematics, has been appointed a Data Science Fellow for the University of Washington’s eScience Institute. An associated grant from Washington Research Foundation will support his research to analyze complex dynamic networks, particularly the nervous system.

Analyzing the nervous system is challenging, due to the complexity of the system and the multitude of cells involved. To address this problem, Shlizerman is working to develop methods to analyze recorded activity data from a large number of cells in the nervous system in order to better understand how the system operates. The data analysis methods that Shlizerman is developing ¬†will be used to study insects’ sensory systems, such as the olfactory system in moths, the nervous system in the C. elegans worm and sun-compass navigation in Monarch butterflies.

Shlizerman will be collaborating with researchers from UW Biology, UW Statistics, Allen Institute for Brain Science and U. Mass. Neurobiology. An expert in novel data analysis methods, Shlizerman was previously appointed a Washington Research Foundation Professor.

The Data Science Fellow program was established to support and distinguish a select group of researchers who are contributing to UW’s reputation as a leader in the data science field. Funding for data science research at UW recently received major funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Washington Research Foundation and the National Science foundation.

Congratulations, Eli!

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