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Professor Eli Shlizerman Receives Award to Unlock Mosquitoes' Sensory Attraction to Humans
Assistant Professor Eli Shlizerman, along with Associate Professor of Biology Jeff Riffell, receive a four-year Air Force of Scientific Research Grant to study mosquitoes' olfactory system.

UW EE Researchers Deliver First-Ever Implantable Device that 'Talks' Wi-Fi
EE Associate Professor Josh Smith and EE doctoral students, Bryce Kellogg and Vikram Iyer, develop "interscatter communication, communicating between smart devices.

UW EE Alum Mike Lei Leads Smartwatch Revolution with Company Mobvoi
Mike Lei, a 2006 alumnus of EE, is the CTO of Mobvoi, a startup that recently launched the next generation of smartwatches, the hugely successful Ticwatch 2.

WiSE Summer Bridge Students Develop Smart, Stable Walker
As a part of the Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Summer Bridge Program, April Opsvig and Zoe Nelson worked alongside Professor Bushnell to develop the Wise Walker.

Professors Seelig and Patel Receive Microsoft's Prestigious Collaborator Award
Electrical engineering professors, Georg Seelig and Shwetak Patel, are honored with the Microsoft Research's 2016 Outstanding Collaborator Award.

EE Professors Hack Surgical Robot in Motherboard Special
Electrical engineering professors, Howard Chizeck and Blake Hannaford, and researcher, Tamara Bonaci speak with Vice's Motherboard about the dangers of surgical attacks.

EE Students Develop a Piano-Playing Robotic Hand
Electrical engineering students, Huy Nguyen, Yuhao Wang, Qing Ran, Yedi Luo and Jiwei Wang, invent a robotic device that plays the piano.

Professor Chizeck Weighs in on Police Robots on NPR Special
After recent shootings in Dallas, Professor Howard Chizeck offers his expertise in robotics to analyze the use of semi-autonomous robots by law enforcement.

Professor Seelig Achieves World Record in Revolutionary DNA Storage
Professor Georg Seelig, along with other collaborators, achieved a record-breaking milestone in the revolutionary process of DNA data storage.

EE Students Make Cloud Printing Available to Everyone, on Any Device
As a part of their Electrical Engineering Entrepreneurial Capstone Project, undergraduate students Wenlu Chang, Jessica Perng and Wesley Tsai invent new cloud printing device.

EE Student, Rahil Jain, Invents Device for Improved Infectious Disease Diagnosis
PhD student, Rahil Jain, reached the final round of the APF 2016 Student Technology Prize for Primary Healthcare. His app increases the efficacy of diagnostic tests for diseases.

EE Student, Yury Dvorkin, Awarded the 2016 CEI Scientific Achievement Award
PhD student, Yury Dvorkin, received the Scientific Achievement Award from the Clean Energy Institute for his exceptional contributions to the field of renewable energy.

Prof. Hannaford Develops Device to Improve Surgeries, Save Lives
Professor Blake Hannaford and students from his BioRobotics Lab have created a semi-autonomous robot, which delivers expert, exact precision to support surgeons.

EE Students and Faculty Receive 2016 CoMotion Innovation Fund
Laura Adam, a PhD student in Eric Klavins' Lab, and Professor Karl Böhringer receive the 2016 honor for their work in bio research development and environmental autonomy.

Student Success: PhD Student, Katherine Pratt, Named Husky 100
Katherine Pratt, an electrical engineering PhD student, was honored as a Husky 100, a cross-campus award for students who make an impact.

Prof. Josh Smith Receives $1M to Develop New Wireless Device for Rehabilitation
Through an international partnership and alongside the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering, Professor Smith develops a device to aid those with spinal cord injuries.

EE Students Design Underwater Mapping Device
As a part of their capstone project, five students sought to create an inexpensive device that can trek the ocean floor in pursuit of 3D imaging.

EE Students' Research Presented in The Economist
EE Doctoral students, Po-shen Lee and Sean Yan, had their illustration-based research highlighted in the June 18th edition of The Economist.

Chair Radha Poovendran Receives Distinguished Alumni Award
Professor Poovendran was honored with the 2016 Electrical and Computer Engineering Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Maryland

UW EE Students Help Develop Device to Combat Malaria
Doctoral students, Mayoore Jaiswal and Charles Delahunt, work with Intellectual Ventures on the development of a new device for fast, accurate diagnosis of malaria in the field.

Professor Shlizerman Receives Teaching Award
Assistant Professor Eli Shizerman received the 2016 Applied Math Teaching Award for outstanding teaching by a member of the faculty.

UW EE Professor's Research Highlighted in Scientific American
Associate Professor Georg Seelig's, along with other researchers', advancements in DNA storage were presented in Scientific American.

UW EE Students Make Sweet 16 Round at UWBPC
Di Sun and Shane Colburn have made the Sweet 16 round in this year's UW Business Plan Competition.

UW EE Co-Authored Research Discovers Nature’s Most Efficient Proton Conductor
The most efficient proton conductor in nature is in a shark's electricity-sensing organ. UW EE Ph.D. candidate Erik Josberger was first author on the research.

Measuring Lung Function Over the Phone with SpiroCall
UW researchers including Professor Shwetak Patel and doctoral student Elliot Saba have developed a sensing tool to assess lung function using a simple phone call.

UW EE Hosts Alumni Breakfast for UW Discovery Days
The UW EE community celebrated our alums this weekend at Discovery Days on Saturday, April 23, 2016.

Student Success: Utku Baran Honored by College of Engineering
Utku Baran, who completes his Ph.D. this spring, has received the College of Engineering Student Award for Research for 2016.

Student Success: Conner Ballew Admitted to Caltech Ph.D. Program
Conner Ballew, who graduates this spring, has been admitted to Caltech's Ph.D. program, where he plans to research biophotonics and biomedical imaging.

Eli Shlizerman Models Monarch Butterfly's Internal Compass
For the first time, researchers including Assistant Professor Eli Shlizerman have uncovered how the monarch butterfly processes information to migrate south every year.

Ulrich Hetmaniuk Appointed Co-Director of NIAC
Congratulations to Adjunct Professor Ulrich Hetmaniuk, who has been appointed co-director of the Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing!

Mani Venkata Honored with Outstanding Leadership and Service Award
Affiliate Professor Mani Venkata has been honored with a 2016 Robert M. Janowiak Outstanding Leadership and Service Award for his 20 years of service to the ECEDHA. 

Now Online: UW EE's 2016 Research Review
Highlighting cutting-edge research conducted by UW EE faculty and students, the 2016 Electrical Engineering Kaleidoscope is online and ready to view.

BioRobotics Lab Deep Brain Stimulation Research Featured by Medtronic
The work of EE Ph.D. student Jeffrey Herron and Professor Howard Chizeck to improve treatment for neurological disorders is featured in a new video and article by Medtronic.

UW and MIT Team up to Improve Medical Diagnostics with $3 Million NIH Grant
A new NIH grant funds groundbreaking work between UW EE's Georg Seelig and MIT to develop computing devices that diagnose disease from inside living cells.

UW EE Wins $7.5 Million MURI Grant to Defend Advanced Cyberattacks
A highly competitive $7.5 million Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative grant has been awarded to a research team led by Department Chair and PI Radha Poovendran.

UW and Microsoft Research Team Stores Data in Synthetic DNA
A team of researchers, including EE & CSE Associate Professor Georg Seelig, is addressing the critical need for long-term data storage using synthetic DNA.

Sam Burden Honored with ARO Young Investigator Program Award
Sam Burden has received an Army Research Office Young Investigator Program Award, one of the most prestigious awards the army grants to early career researchers!

Two EE Student Teams Place in Environmental Innovation Challenge
Two teams that include UW EE students received awards at the Environmental Innovation Challenge. Congrats to teams Aquapel and Battery Informatics!

Undergrad David Dolengewicz Receives Mary Gates Research Scholarship
Congratulations to undergraduate David Dolengewicz, who has received a Mary Gates Research Scholarship to fund his research on how humans hear pitch.

Sam Burden Receives NSF CPS Research Initiation Award
Assistant Professor Sam Burden has received an award for early career investigators that supports his research to improve the performance and safety of robotic systems.

EE Community Grieves Loss of Faculty Member Daniel Dailey
UW EE sadly announces the recent passing of faculty member Daniel Dailey, who will be remembered for his many contributions to intelligent transportation systems.

Amazon Alumni Mixer on April 5
Learn about the exciting work underway at Amazon at this exciting event hosted by Affiliate Professor and Amazon VP Babak Parviz. Please RSVP soon as space is limited!

Passive Wi-Fi Paper Wins 2016 NSDI Best Paper Award
Congratulations to faculty Shyam Gollakota and Joshua Smith and graduate students Vamsi Talla and Bryce Kellogg for receiving the 2016 NSDI Best Paper Award!

UW EE Ranked #19 by U.S. News & World Report
UW Electrical Engineering is ranked #19 in U.S. News & World Report's recent listing of the best electrical engineering graduate schools for 2017.

Congratulations to Newly Promoted Faculty
Congratulations to faculty members Chris Rudell, Eric Klavins and Katrin Kirchhoff, who have all been promoted in recognition of their hard work and many achievements! 

FingerIO Technology Tracks Finger Motions Using Sonar
New technology developed by EE Ph.D. student Vikram Iyer and CSE Ph.D. student Rajalakshmi Nandakumar utilizes sonar to more easily interact with small devices.

Battery Informatics Start-up Presented at Congressional Showcase
An energy storage optimization start-up founded by an interdisciplinary team of students, including EE graduate student Mushfiqur Sarker, was showcased at the nation’s capital.

EE Students Participate in First Annual Health Innovation Challenge
Congratulations to teams Walk n’ Roll, OstomyTech and Appropriate Solutions for being selected to participate in the Foster School's selective tradeshow-style competition!

Entrepreneurial Students Present Project at Booz Allen Hamilton Idea Fest
As part of the new Entrepreneurial Engineering Capstone Course, students presented their project at the annual Booz Allen Hamilton Idea Fest on Saturday, March 5.

Four Faculty Receive Google Research Awards
Congratulations to faculty members associate professor Joshua Smith, assistant professor Hannaneh Hajishirzi and adjunct and CSE assistant professor Shyam Gollakota!

Passive Wi-Fi Named Breakthrough Technology of 2016
Developed by faculty Shyam Gollakota and Joshua Smith and graduate students Vamsi Talla and Bryce Kellogg, Passive Wi-Fi uses 10,000 times less power than other methods

Shwetak Patel and Department Collaborators Honored with PECASE Awards
Professor Shwetak Patel is one of three from UW honored with the most prestigious award bestowed on early career researchers by the U.S. government. 

Professor Shwetak Patel Featured in New Big Data Documentary
A new documentary “The Human Face of Big Data highlights research from the UbiComp Lab, directed by Professor Shwetak Patel. The film airs nationwide on February 24!

In the News: Professor Howard Chizeck Interviewed by Popular Mechanics
An expert on telerobotic security, EE Professor Howard Chizeck discusses how medical robots are vulnerable to being attacked, manipulated and even turned into weapons.

EE Professors Share Experiences with STARS Students
Professor Linda Bushnell talked about her career at a recent session for prospective engineering students from underserved backgrounds.

Professor Eve Riskin Studies New Method to Recruit Women Faculty
EE Professor and Associate Dean for Diversity and Access Eve Riskin studies a new method of recruiting female faculty called "on-ramping."

In the News: Professor, Vice Provost for Innovation Discusses Amazon Catalyst
EE Professor Vikram Jandhyala talks about the new Amazon Catalyst program, open to all disciplines with the goal of creating cross-campus innovation.

Remembering Alum and Supporter Mike Elke
The Department of Electrical Engineering sadly announces the recent passing of devoted alum Mike Elke (BSEE ’65), who supported students through an endowed scholarship.

Alum Louis Scharf Honored with Diamond Award
Alum Louis Scharf (Ph.D. '69) is one of six UW College of Engineering alums to be honored with a Diamond Award, recognized for his distinguished achievements in academia.

Alum Eric Sortomme Patents System For Optimal Electric Vehicle Charging
Alum Eric Sortomme (Ph.D. ’11) has patented a new system he designed to provide a framework for how to optimally charge electric vehicles.

Three EE Faculty Elected IEEE Seattle Chapter Officers
Almost half of the newly elected 2016 IEEE Seattle Section Officers are UW EE faculty members. Congratulations to M.P. Anantram, Chris Rudell and Xiaodong He!

Master's Student Kelly Kozdras Featured in Wogrammer
UW EE master’s student Kelly Kozdras was featured in a recent article by wogrammer, which breaks down stereotypes about engineers.

Leaders Gather at UW to Define Vision for Smart Communities
Leaders from around the world are gathering this week for a two-day workshop hosted by UW EE, on behalf of the NSF, to discuss the future of smart and connected communities.

Howard Chizeck's Haptic Password Project Supported by Innovation Funding
Professor Howard Chizeck has received funding to support development of a new method for authenticating online transactions, which aims to stop transaction fraud

Join us for Casino Night on Thursday, January 21, 5pm
The student-run society HKN/IEEE is once again hosting the popular Casino Night, an opportunity for students and industry representatives to network in a casual setting!

New Network Control Book Authored by EE Faculty and Alums
A new book coming out this month was authored by Professor Linda Bushnell, alums Andrew Clark and Basel Alomair, and Department Chair Radha Poovendran.


CSNE Receives $16 Million to Continue Developing Devices to Treat Paralysis
Directed by EE Adjunct Professor Rajesh Rao, the CSNE has received funding to allow researchers, many of whom are from UW EE, to continue their cutting-edge work

Graduate Student Keyu Chen Develops Virtual Reality Finger Tracking Device
Ph.D. candidate Keyu Chen is working with Oculus Research on a virtual reality device that uses electromagnets to track the position of each finger in 3D.

EE Faculty's OneRadio Project Supported by Innovation Funding
Affiliate Faculty Member Tony Goodson has received support for his “OneRadio” project, which proposes a single radio that performs many functions.

Graduate Student Kevin Morrissey Receives DOE Fellowship
A fellowship from the U.S. Department of Energy funds graduate student Kevin Morrissey's collaborative research to create more energy efficient buildings.

Karl Bohringer Receives Global Innovation Fund Award
Congratulations to Karl Bohringer, who has received funding to create a new International Nanotechnology Exchange program as part of the new NNCI site at UW.

Now Available: Fall 2015 Issue of The Integrator
Read the latest edition of EE's newsletter, featuring faculty, student and alum news!

Alum Louis Scharf Honored with 2016 IEEE Kilby Medal
For his contributions to statistical signal processing, UW EE alum Louis Scharf has been honored with a 2016 IEEE Jack S. Kilby Signal Processing Medal.

Shyam Gollakota Honored with 2015 World Technology Award in Communications
Congratulations to EE Adjunct Professor Shyam Gollakota, who was honored with a 2015 World Technology Award in Communications Technology.

Four EE Students Awarded IEEE Power & Energy Society Scholarships
Congratulations to Jaclyn Wilson, Bryan Bednarski, Joshua Monson and Brandon Thayer for being honored with IEEE Power & Energy Society scholarships!

Graduate Student Jingda Wu's Paper Featured in Advanced Optical Materials
EE Ph.D. student Jingda Wu’s paper is featured as the inside front cover image and article in the November 2015 edition of Advanced Optical Materials.

Affiliate Professor Li Deng Receives IEEE SPS Technical Achievement Award
UW EE Affiliate Professor Li Deng has been honored by IEEE for outstanding contributions to deep learning and automatic speech recognition.

New EE Entrepreneurial Capstone Option Starts Winter Quarter
Building on UW EE's strengths in system design and entrepreneurship, a new Senior Capstone Design option enables students to work on industry sponsored projects.

Professor Scott Hauck is UW EE's 25th IEEE Fellow
Congratulations to Scott Hauck, elected an IEEE Fellow for his contributions to FPGAs, chips that can be programmed and reprogrammed to implement complex digital logic.

DARPA Award Funds Richard Shi’s Work to Develop New Low-Power Sensors
Thanks to a new Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) grant, Professor Richard Shi will be developing specialized sensors that operate with minimal power.

UW EE Grateful for Professor Martin Afromowitz's 41 Years of Dedication
The UW EE community celebrated Professor Martin Afromowitz's retirement today after 41 years of research and teaching in the department.

New Professorships Established by Alums Dr. Cherng Jia and Elizabeth Yun Hwang
Multiple new professorships have been established in the area of rehabilitation technologies for spinal cord injury, thanks to gifts from alums Dr. Cherng Jia Hwang and his wife, Elizabeth.

Popular Science Names PoWiFi System One of the Most Innovative Technologies
Developed by EE and CSE researchers, the Power Over Wi-Fi (PoWiFi) system has been named one of the most innovative technologies of the year by Popular Science.

Sumit Roy Investigates Wireless Broadband Access for Underserved Areas
Thanks to a new NSF SAVI grant, Professor Sumit Roy will work with researchers from the U.S. and Africa to bring low-cost wireless broadband access to underserved areas.

Cochlear Implant Users Closer to Hearing Music, Thanks to UW EE Technology
Technology developed by UW EE and medical school researchers has been licensed to Lishengte, which plans to develop cochlear implants that enable people to hear music.

Jeff Bilmes' Master's Thesis on Music Gains More Attention
Proposing a concept that paved the way for music personalization used by companies such as Pandora, Jeff Bilmes' master's thesis is gaining attention.

Upcoming UW Innovation Summit in Shanghai Features EE Innovators
UW EE will be well-represented by faculty Shwetak Patel and Vikram Jandhyala and Ph.D. student Ben Waters at the Innovation Summit in Shanghai on November 13.

UW EE Researchers to Develop Smart Building Technology in Regional Partnership
A research team led by EE faculty Miguel Ortega-Vazquez and Daniel Kirschen will be developing the technology needed to create responsive and energy efficient buildings.

New EE Entrepreneurial Capstone Option Starts Winter Quarter
Building on UW EE's strengths in system design and entrepreneurship, a new Senior Capstone Design option enables students to work on industry sponsored projects.

UW EE Researchers Develop New Model to Identify Genetic Mutations
Three times more accurate, a new approach to identifying genetic mutations has been developed by Assistant Professor Georg Seelig and Ph.D. student Alex Rosenberg.

Howard Chizeck's Research Featured at Pacific Science Center Exhibit
A new exhibit at the Pacific Science Center features the work of Professor Howard Chizeck and his Ph.D. students Jeffrey Herron and Margaret Thompson.

From Cell Phones to DNA: Upcoming Lytle Lecture Explores Information Theory
Stanford University Professor David Tse will discuss the science behind the engineering of modern-day communications systems at the Lytle Lecture series November 2-3.

Developed in UbiComp Lab, Low-Cost Camera Captures Unseen Details
A new low-cost camera that captures unseen details beneath surfaces has been developed by researchers in the UbiComp Lab, led by EE & CSE Professor Shwetak Patel.

Eli Shlizerman Appointed UW eScience Institute Data Science Fellow
UW EE's Eli Shlizerman has been appointed a Data Science Fellow for the eScience Institute. An associated grant will support his research to analyze the nervous system.

Alum Steve White Joins BluHaptics as VP of Engineering
UW EE alum Dr. Steve White has joined BluHaptics as VP of Engineering. Founded in 2013, BluHaptics is a UW EE and Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) spinoff.

Eric Klavins’ Research Featured In One-Act Play October 15-18
Professor Eric Klavins is part of one of the playwright-scientist teams who collaborated on this year's "Thought Experiments on the Question of Being Human" festival.

Future Women Engineers Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day
Named after the woman regarded as the world's first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace Day is a celebration of the achievements of women in science and engineering.

Fluke Corporation Establishes Scholarship to Honor Alum Stephanie Subak
In honor of UW EE alum Stephanie Subak, her employer for more than 34 years, Fluke Corporation, has established the Stephanie Subak Memorial Scholarship.

SNUPI Start-up Sells WallyHome Sensor Technology to Sears
A start-up cofounded by UW EE & CSE Professors Shwetak Patel and Matt Reynolds and EE alum Gabe Cohn has sold its first product, a water leak detection system, to Sears

Alum Professor Biswanath Mukherjee Named Highly Cited Researcher 
UW EE alum Biswanath Mukherjee, a professor at University of California, Davis, is listed as a highly cited researcher by Thomson Reuters.

UW Ranked #11 in World by U.S. News & World Report
Out of 750 universities, the University of Washington is ranked #11 best university in the world, based on reputation, research and collaboration!

Trailblazer for Women in Engineering, Professor Emerita Irene Peden Turns 90
More than 25 colleagues, students and friends gathered to celebrate Professor Emerita Irene Peden's 90th birthday and the establishment of an endowed fellowship.

Eve Riskin Featured in Closing the Gender Gap Video
UW EE Professor Eve Riskin, who was the fourth woman hired by UW EE, is featured in a new video about closing the engineering gender gap.

Denise Wilson Receives NSF Grant to Research Student Engagement
A two-year NSF grant funds UW EE Professor Denise Wilson's work to better understand what factors lead to student engagement in the classroom.

Mani Venkata Honored with IEEE Power & Energy Society Award
Former UW EE Professor Mani Venkata has been honored for his contributions to the automation of electric utility distribution systems.

Professor Denise Wilson Uncovers Arsenic in U.S. Red Wines
Testing wines from the top four states that produce wine in the U.S., UW EE Professor Denise Wilson found that all wine samples contained concerning levels of arsenic.

Professor Rajesh Rao Proves Brains Can Talk a Mile Away
An experiment linking two human brains, possibly the first to demonstrate that people can determine what's on another person's mind, evolved out of Rajesh Rao's research.

Hannaneh Hajishirzi Leads Breakthrough Artificial Intelligence Research
UW EE's Hannaneh Hajishirzi was the lead faculty member working on an AI system that is able to solve SAT geometry questions as well as an average human test taker.

Undergraduates Phillippe Phanivong and Josh Monson Win Poster Contest
Competing against Ph.D. students, UW EE undergraduate students took first place for their research on how to best operate energy storage units.

Shwetak Patel Looks Under Hood: Shows Complex Car Software Has Weak Spots
Shwetak Patel is featured in a New York Times article about new high-end cars, which are the most complex machines around, but are not without security risks.

UW EE & SJTU Commit to Smart Cities Collaboration
EE Chair Radha Poovendran, together with UW Interim President Ana Mari Cauce, signed a “Smart Cities” agreement today with leaders from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

EE Faculty Team Investigates Smart Grid Stability with New NSF Grant
Led by EE Professor Linda Bushnell, a team of faculty is undertaking a novel approach to creating a more stable smart grid.

Baosen Zhang to Investigate Power Grid Users in Collaboration with Stanford
UW EE's Baosen Zhang will lead efforts to research the relationship between people and the power grid, with the goal of making systems more responsive to users' needs.

UW EE Professor Karl Bohringer to Lead New NSF Center
UW is one of 16 sites selected for a new NSF center, led by UW EE's Karl Bohringer. An associated $4.5 million grant will support the Washington Nanofabrication Facility.

UW EE Researchers Partner with Disney to Create Battery-free Camera Sensors
Sensor Systems Lab researchers have partnered with UW EE alum Alanson Sample at Disney Research to produce camera sensors that can determine their location.

AccessMap Led by Graduate Student Nick Bolten
A project led by UW EE Ph.D. student Nick Bolten has made more progress toward developing an app that plans travel routes for people with limited mobility.

UW EE, ISE and A&A Career Fair on October 8
Our fourth annual Career Fair will be held October 8, 1-4pm! Companies are invited to join us to meet exceptional students. Registration closes October 6.

Arka Majumdar Receives Intel Early Career Award
Assistant Professor Arka Majumdar has been honored with a 2015 Intel Early Career Award. The award supports his research on optical sensing using silicon photonics.

MagnifiSense Technology Developed in UbiComp Lab
A team of EE and CSE students from the UbiComp Lab, including EE's Edward Wang and Tien-Jui Lee, developed a new technology that senses what devices a user interacts with.

Lillian Ratliff to Join UW EE in Fall 2016
UW EE is pleased to announce that Lillian Ratliff will join the department in the fall of 2016, after one year of postdoctoral research at the University of California, Berkeley.

UW EE Research Recognized by Science of Security Organization
A paper authored by Ph.D. student Phillip Lee, Ph.D. graduate Andrew Clark and Professors Linda Bushnell and Radha Poovendran is recognized as significant research.

Data Analysis Expert Eli Shlizerman Joins UW EE
Assistant Professor Eli Shlizerman, who joined the UW Department of Applied Mathematics three years ago, will assume a joint tenure-track appointment in Electrical Engineering starting this fall.

UW EE Alum Jeffrey Walling Honored with Outstanding Teaching Award
UW EE alum Jeffrey Walling (Ph.D. '08) was honored with the University of Utah’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Outstanding Teaching Award for 2015.

Remembering Alum Stephanie Subak
The Department of Electrical Engineering sadly announces the recent passing of devoted alum Stephanie Subak (BSEE '80).

Why Electrical Engineering? Undergraduate Students Share Their Stories
Undergraduate students Amanda Loh and Jeff Raines share what inspired them to pursue a degree in electrical engineering.

EE's Sumit Roy to Investigate More Efficient Use of Radio Spectrum
A grant from the U.S. Air Force CERFER program funds Professor Sumit Roy's research on more efficient use of the radio spectrum, which drives the modern Internet era.

UW EE Senior Shruti Misra Is Powering Promise
Senior Shruti Misra is featured this week on UW’s homepage for her work with UW Solar.

Daniel Kirschen and Payman Arabshahi to Investigate Power System Resiliency
EE faculty have received a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation to improve the resiliency of electrical grids during natural disasters.

UW EE Eve Riskin's MobileASL Featured in Scientific American 
The MobileASL project, led by EE Prof. Eve Riskin, is fifth in Scientific American's list of mobile technologies that help level the playing field for people with disabilities.

UW EE in the News: EE's Vikram Jandhyala Discusses Unlocking Innovation at UW
GeekWire talks with Vikram Jandhyala, vice provost for innovation and EE professor, about the future of education, innovation and cities.

UW Nanofabrication Lab Receives $37 Million to Expand
The Washington Nanofabrication Facility, directed by EE Professor Karl Bohringer, will receive nearly $37M from the UW Regents to expand the facility.

Matt Reynolds and Shwetak Patel's SideSwipe Featured in IEEE Magazine
Smartphone gesture control technology, developed by UW EE's Matt Reynolds and Shwetak Patel, has been featured in the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine.

UW EE Graduate Student Wins Best Scientific Poster Award
EE graduate student Ethan Keeler has received a best scientific poster award for his research on developing a system to more accurately detect single-cell masses.

UW EE Alum Henry Louie Honored with Fulbright Award
Alum Henry Louie (Ph.D. 2008) will be teaching and conducting research on energy poverty in Zambia after being selected for a Fulbright Award.

UW EE's Daniel Kirschen Teams up with BPA to Improve Wind Energy Usage
EE Professor Daniel Kirschen has received funding to improve the electric grid, particularly as it pertains to storing and using excess wind energy.

Now Available: Spring/Summer 2015 Issue of The Integrator
Read the latest edition of EE's newsletter, featuring faculty, student and alum news!

New UW EE Innovation Award Honors Graduate Student Rahil Jain
A new award that honors students with an entrepreneurial spirit was founded by EE Professor Vikram Jandhyala and his wife Suja Vaidyanathan, an EE alum.

Two UW EE Faculty Receive 2015 CoMotion Innovation Fund Awards
Congratulations to two EE faculty, Karl Bohringer and Eric Klavins, whose projects have been awarded CoMotion Innovation Fund Award grants.

UW EE Alum Tom Doyle Establishes Endowed Scholarship
In gratitude for the scholarship assistance he received as a student, alum Tom Doyle (BSEE '64) has established an endowed scholarship for electrical engineering students.

UW EE Researchers Engineer Yeast to Communicate
Yeast has been around for thousands of years, but they are just now saying their first words, thanks to a team of researchers led by EE faculty member Eric Klavins.

UW EE in the News: Coiled and ready to strike
The Economist takes a look at WiBotic, the new company from EE Professor Josh Smith that looks to charge drones and robots wirelessly.

Alum Kasey Champion Named to Eastside’s 30 Under 30 List
EE alum Kasey Champion -- Microsoft employee, teaching volunteer, small business owner -- is on 425 Business' "30 Under 30" list of talented Eastsiders.

UW EE in the News: Underwater robotics startup Bluhaptics raises cash for hi-tech subsea devices
UW startup BluHaptics has raised $240,000 from investors for its subsea robots. EE professor Howard Chizeck is co-founder and chairman of the board.

UW EE Faculty Shine in the 2015 CoMotion Presidential Innovation Fellows Awards 
In recognition of their entrepreneurship, four EE faculty have been appointed CoMotion Innovation Fellows: Howard Chizeck, Josh Smith, Matt Reynolds and Shyam Gollakota.

EE Alum Among Researchers to Discover How Saharan Silver Ants Stay Cool
An international team of researchers, including EE Affiliate Professor Gary Bernard, have discovered how Saharan silver ants stay cool under extreme temperatures.

Kai-Mei Fu Honored with Junior Faculty Award
EE Professor Kai-Mei Fu was honored May 28 with one of two Junior Faculty Awards by the UW College of Engineering in recognition of excellence in research, teaching and service.

EE Professor Denise Wilson Receives 2015 ASEE Denice Denton Award
A paper co-authored by Denise Wilson, which investigates how engineering graduates make career path decisions, has received the 2015 ASEE Denice Denton Award.

2015 Electrical Engineering Graduation Ceremony
Congratulations to our BSEE, MSEE and Ph.D. graduates! And thank you to everyone who celebrated with us on Friday, June 12. Read about the 2015 graduation ceremony.

Emeritus Professor Ward Helms Receives 40 Years of Excellence Award
Retired professor Ward Helms was surprised at the 2015 Commencement Ceremony with an award honoring 40 years of excellence, dedication and service to UW EE.

UW EE in the News: UW LEADs nation in female engineering faculty
The UW has cultivated an impressive number of women faculty in engineering, and now its workshops will be available online. Prof. Eve Riskin is quoted.

Scott Hauck Honored with Gaetano Borriello Professorship
Congratulations to EE Professor Scott Hauck, the first recipient of a new professorship, created jointly by EE and CSE, to commemorate the late Professor Gaetano Borriello.

EE Researchers First to Wirelessly Power Devices with Existing Wi-Fi Hardware
A team of EE and CSE researchers have figured out how to harness energy from Wi-Fi signals to wirelessly power devices and recharge batteries

UW EE in the News: UW researchers scaling up fusion hopes with DOE grant
UW researchers will attempt to create a self-sustained and controlled fusion reaction. EE Prof. Brian Nelson and Uri Shumlak of the Dept. of Aeronautics and Astronautics collaborated on the fusion device.

UW EE in the News: UW EcoCAR 3 team to compete on home turf
The goal of UW’s EcoCar3 team is to transform a donated Chevrolet Camaro into a fuel-efficient, low-emission vehicle while maintaining its muscle car performance. EE undergraduate Ryan Mallory is featured.

BluHaptics Receives Most Promising Company Award
A start-up with origins in the UW EE Department, BluHaptics was honored with the Most Promising Company Award at the Offshore Technology Conference.

UW EE in the News: Innovations: Are Potholes a Thing of the Past?
Professor Howard Chizeck’s startup, BluHaptics, is featured in this article, as is Professor Josh Smith’s wireless power work.

In the Fast Lane: EE Students Ready for EcoCAR3 Year 1 Competition
Shaping the future of cars, the UW EcoCar3 Team, which includes 32 EE students, will compete in the Year 1 Competition from May 29 to June 4 in Seattle.

Graduate Student Eldridge Alcantara Honored with Teaching Award
After volunteering to teach a core undergraduate class, Eldridge Alcantara has received the College of Engineering Graduate Student Award for Teaching!

Graduate Student Utku Baran Receives SPIE Scholarship
Congratulations to Utku Baran, honored with a prestigious Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship by SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics!

UW EE in the News: Deaf Jam: Experiencing Music Through A Cochlear Implant
Can cochlear implants be improved to provide a better musical experience? Prof. Les Atlas is working on software to do just that.

UW EE in the News: UW researchers hack a teleoperated surgical robot to reveal security flaws
EE researchers have hacked a teleoperated surgical robot to test how easily an attack could hijack remotely-controlled operations and to make those systems more secure.

Alum Milton Zeutschel Honored with Diamond Award
Milton Zeutschel, BSEE '60, is one of four UW engineering alums to be honored at the Diamond Awards on Friday, May 8. He will be recognized for significant contributions in engineering.

UW EE in the News: 'Making dumb things smart'
Hook, founded by EE grad student Rahil Jain, aims to make your dumb home appliances -- from lamps to coffeemakers -- smarter.

UW Engineers Take First Place in Hack the Commute
UW EE Ph.D. student Nick Bolten, together with three other engineering students, developed an app that plans travel routes for people in wheelchairs.

William Hwang Honored with Dean's Medal for Academic Excellence
EE senior William Hwang has received the 2015 College of Engineering Dean’s Medal for Academic Excellence.

UW EE Researchers Prove Security Risks in Teleoperated Surgical Robots
The first to hack a teleoperated surgical robot, UW EE researchers demonstrate how robots are vulnerable to cyber attacks when used in remote settings.

UW EE in the News: UW EE researchers are featured in the following news articles for exposing security risks to teleoperated surgical robots: Popular Science, Computer World, iMedicalApps, HIStalk and The Register.

UW EE in the News: UW App Can Detect Sleep Apnea Events Via Smartphone
EE adjunct Shyam Gollakota and a team of UW researchers developed a new app that uses a smartphone to wirelessly test for sleep apnea.

UW EE in the News: Why Brain-to-Brain Communication Is No Longer Unthinkable
EE adjunct Rajesh Rao talks with Smithsonian Magazine about how his research at the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering is bringing brain-to-brain communication closer.

UW EE in the News: UW's STARS helps low-income students shine
Prof. Eve Riskin talks with Seattle Times' Jerry Large about the STARS program and how the problem-solving work that engineers do benefits from the diversity of approaches that different life experiences create.

UW EE in the News: Conference explores regulating robots in the near future
We Robot 2015, an annual conference on robotics law and policy hosted this year by the UW, featured presentations from researchers discussing issues of regulation, liability and ethics of robot technology in the near future.

UW EE in the News: UW among select universities to use investigational Medtronic device, advance research into brain activity
Researchers from UW EE, Neurological Surgery and Philosophy have teamed up with Medtronic to use deep brain stimulation with people who have essential tremor.

UW EE Team Receives Funding to Enhance Electronic Waste Handling
A UW EE team has received $50,000 in funding to tackle keeping more electronic waste out of landfills.

Ph.D. Alum Anna Dixon Receives IEEE Best Paper Award
Anna Dixon, who completed her Ph.D. at UW EE in 2012, has received the 2015 IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Biomedical Circuits and Systems Best Paper Award.

Retirement Celebration Honoring Professor Mohamed El-Sharkawi
After 35 years of teaching and power and energy research, Professor Mohamed El-Sharkawi will be honored at a retirement celebration on Thursday, May 14.

Shyam Gollakota Receives NSF CAREER Award
Congratulations to EE affiliate faculty member Shyam Gollakota, who received a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award.

UW EE in the News: Seattle Band Posse Finds Success on its Own Terms
For musician Paul Wittmann-Todd, BSEE 2013, his passion for his day job as an electrical engineer comes first, even as his band gets noticed by the music industry.

UW EE Graduate Student Innovation, Hook Wins Second Place
Founded by UW EE graduate student Rahil Jain, Hook received the $10,000 second place prize at the Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge at UW on April 2.

EE Students at We Robot 2015 Conference
The largest U.S. conference focused on robotics policy, law and ethics, We Robot 2015 will be held on the UW campus April 10-11, offering demonstrations, panels and more.

UW EE Students Present Papers at We Robot 2015 Conference
Several UW EE students will present papers at the annual conference on robotics, law and policy, We Robot 2015, held on the UW Campus April 10-11.

Graduate Student Margaret Thompson Awarded NDSEG Fellowship
UW EE graduate student Margaret Thompson has been awarded a 2015 National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship!

Katherine Pratt Honored with NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Congratulations to UW EE graduate student Katherine Pratt, one of 2,000 NSF Fellowship recipients selected from more than 16,500 applications!

Now Online: UW EE's 2015 Research Review
Highlighting cutting-edge research conducted by UW EE faculty and students, the Electrical Engineering Kaleidoscope is online and ready to view!

UW EE in the News: Nanolaser Enables On-Chip Photonics
EE Faculty Member Arka Majumdar's work is featured in the EE Times.

Bright Future: EE Faculty Create New Energy Efficient Nanolaser
Assistant Professor Arka Majumdar and Affiliate Associate Professor Xiaodong Xu create an ultra-low threshold nanolaser using the thinnest possible semiconductors.

The Nature of Flight: Animals Inform the Future of Flying
The new UW Nature-Inspired Flight Technologies and Ideas center allows EE Associate Professor Matt Reynolds to build on his work with neural and EMG telemetry for insects.

UW EE in the News: UW EE senior Jay Feng is featured in the following news articles for his data analysis work to map crime in Seattle: GeekWire, King5 News and Sun Times.

Crime Report: UW EE Student Predicts Crime in Seattle
By analyzing police data from 911 calls, Electrical Engineering senior Jay Feng maps crimes to discover trends, such as which calls are most urgent.

UW EE in the News: Collaboration Can Bring Positive, Disruptive Innovation
EE Professor Vikram Jandhyala, who is Vice Provost for Innovation at CoMotion, shares how investing in the higher education will impact innovation.

Join Electrical Engineering for Discovery Days!
Students and faculty from Electrical Engineering, together with other UW Engineering Departments, demonstrate their work to the community April 24-25.

UW EE Ranked #18 by U.S. News & World Report
UW Electrical Engineering is ranked #18 in U.S. News & World Report's recent listing of the best graduate schools for 2016.

UW EE in the News: Got a Positive Charge?
Department Chair Radha Poovendran shares his optimism about the future of UW EE.
UW Daily- March 11

EE Professional Master's Program Info. Session
The Professional Master's Program is designed for the busy schedules of working professionals. Learn more at an upcoming information session Tuesday, April 7, 6pm

UW EE in the News: Lab Creates Nanotechnology That Could Save Lives
Using micro and nanotechnology, two devices currently under development at the Washington Nanofabrication Facility may be used in future ambulances.
King5- February 24

UW EE in the News: Women in Male-dominated Careers -- Making a Difference
Two UW EE alumni, Shira Broschat and Dawn Gidner, were among 14 women honored for their work in male-dominated careers by the Northwest Asian Weekly Foundation.
Northwest Asian Weekly- February 13

Kai-Mei Fu Honored with Cottrell Scholar Award
Recognized for excellence in both undergraduate teaching and research, Assistant Professor Kai-Mei Fu has been honored with a Cottrell Scholar Award.

Graduate Student Aaron Parks Awarded 2015 Google Ph.D. Fellowship
Aaron Parks' proposed thesis work on combining multiband RF energy scavenging and ambient backscatter communication will be funded by a Google Ph.D. Fellowship.

Underwater Robots: New Depths of Functionality
EE Affiliate Assistant Professor Andy Stewart is working to build an underwater robot, the Millennium Falcon, literally taking robot functionality to new depths.

2015 Jelinek Summer Workshop in Speech and Language Technology
UW EE will be hosting the 20th annual Jelinek Workshop in Speech and Language Technology this summer. Undergrad researcher applications are due Feb. 27, 2015.

Three EE Faculty Honored with UW Innovation Awards
Congratulations to three Electrical Engineering Faculty honored for their innovative work: Shwetak Patel, Payman Arabshahi and Vikram Jandhyala!

Chris Rudell Receives NSF CAREER Award
A five-year grant supports Assistant Professor Chris Rudell's research proposal to develop ultra-broadband, low-power transceivers for communication and medical uses.

UW EE in the News: Radha Poovendran to Chair University of Washington's EE Department
India West- February 5

UW EE in the News: This Man is the Reason Commercialization Won't Stop When Michael Young Leaves
With UW's president stepping down, the university's innovation efforts will continue, led by EE Professor Vikram Jandhyala, who is the vice provost for innovation at CoMotion.
Puget Sound Business Journal- February 5

Remembering Gaetano Borriello
With the recent passing of Adjunct Faculty Member Gaetano Borriello, the EE community remembers the lasting legacy of a friend, mentor and devoted teacher.

With a New Vision, C4C Becomes CoMotion
The Center for Commercialization (C4C), which former EE Chair Vikram Jandhyala leads as Vice Provost for Innovation, has a new vision for impactful innovation.

Mohamed El-Sharkawi Receives International Fulbright Fellow Award
For the next three years, Professor Mohamed El-Sharkawi will spend three months each year providing expert knowledge to help Morocco achieve its energy objectives

Society of Women Engineers Honors Two UW EE Students
Congratulations to Tamara Bonaci and Joanna Hamilton, who received SWE Outstanding Female Awards for 2015 in honor of their many accomplishments.

UW EE Alum Suresh Subramaniam Named IEEE Fellow
Suresh Subramaniam, UW EE Ph.D. 1997, is honored by IEEE for his contributions to optical network architectures, algorithms and performance modeling.

Arka Majumdar Awarded AFOSR Young Investigator Research Grant
Congratulations to Arka Majumdar, who received a three-year grant to research a hybrid silicon/silica photonics platform for low-power digital optoelectronic devices.

Congratulations to Shwetak Patel, Entrepreneurship Endowed Professor
Shwetak Patel is the Washington Research Foundation Entrepreneurship Endowed Professor for Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

Save the Date: CarEEr Fair and Casino Night
Calling all undergraduate and graduate students! Please join us for the third annual EE CarEEr Fair and Casino Night on Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

UW EE in the News: UW Seeks to Partner with Microsoft, Chinese Universities for New Immersive Master's Program
Puget Sound Business Journal- January 15

UW EE in the News: Indian Americans Named Newly Elevated IEEE 2015 Fellows
Department Chair Radha Poovendran is one of 25 Indian Americans elected to the status of IEEE Fellow, effective January 1, 2015.
India West- January

UW EE In the News: Baosen Zhang Named One of Forbes' '30-Under-30'
Recognizing his work in the energy industry, incoming EE Assistant Professor Baosen Zhang was named to Forbes' 2015 30-Under-30 list.
Forbes- January 6

UW EE In the News: EEWeb Spotlight Interview with Dr. Les Atlas
EE Professor Les Atlas talks about his background, research and how he got his start in Electrical Engineering.
EE Web- January 5


Investing in Future Clean Energy Leaders
The Clean Energy Institute funded two new EE Grad Fellows in 2015, adding to the four EE Fellows in 2014. Congratulations to graduate students Mushfiqur Sarker and Pan Li!

Undergraduate Robotics Researcher Returns to UW as Assistant Professor
Sam Burden, who joins the EE Department in fall 2015, got his start in robotics thanks to a Washington Research Foundation Fellowships for undergraduate research.

Radha Poovendran Appointed Chair of Electrical Engineering

EE welcomes new Electrical Engineering Department Chair Radha Poovendran, who begins his new role January 1, 2015.

EE's Miguel Ortega-Vazquez Named IEEE Senior Member
Congratulations to Assistant Professor Miguel Ortega-Vazquez, selected as a Senior Member of IEEE, the status of which only 7% of IEEE's 431,000 members achieve.

EE Faculty Members Awarded Funding for Bioelectronics Innovation Challenge
A team including two EE faculty members is one of 10 selected to receive financial support to participate in the first phase of GSK's Bioelectronics Innovation Challenge!

Save the Date: CarEEr Fair and Casino Night
Calling all undergraduate and graduate students! Please join us for the third annual EE CarEEr Fair and Casino Night on Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

EE's Hannaneh Hajishirzi Named Allen Distinguished Investigator
Congratulations to EE Research Scientist Hannaneh Hajishirzi who received a $1.2 million grant from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation for her research in artificial intelligence.

UWEE in the News: Surveillance Systems are Getting Smarter
EE Professor Jenq-Neng Hwang's research team has developed technology that allows multiple surveillance cameras to more accurately track individuals in crowds.
ABC News- November 30

UWEE in the News: UW Gives Future Engineers a Redshirt Season
EE Professor and Associate Dean of Diversity and Access, Eve Riskin shares how the STARS program attracts women and minorities to the field of engineering.
Seattle Times- November 29

Radha Poovendran is UW EE's 24th IEEE Fellow
Congratulations to EE Professor Radha Poovendran, who was honored by IEEE for his contributions to security in cyber-physical systems.

UWEE in the News: Seattle Genius Tackles Energy, Healthcare and the Future of Computing
EE Associate Professor Shwetak Patel is revolutionizing energy, healthcare and more.
Crosscut- November 19

Now Available: Fall 2014 Issue of The Integrator
Read the latest edition of EE's newsletter, featuring faculty, student and alumni news!

CORE Seminar Series Presents Peter Burgisser
Join us for the first CORE Seminar Series Speaker, Peter Burgisser, on December 2, 4pm. Professor of Mathematics at the Technical University of Berlin, Burgisser discusses the condition of convex optimization and spherical intrinsic volumes.

UWEE in the News: Moving Cameras Talk to Each Other to Track Pedestrians
EE Professor Jenq-Neng Hwang's research team has developed a way for video cameras to communicate, which may be useful for security and surveillance purposes.
UW Today- November 12

UWEE in the News: UW Maxed Out on Computer-Science Space
EE Associate Professor Shwetek Patel, who works jointly in CSE, is interviewed about the need for more space for students.
Seattle Times- November 9

Three EE Students Receive PES Scholarships!
Congratulations to Joshua Monson, Phillippe Phanivong and Taylor VanderKley!

UWEE in the News: Based on the research of EE Associate Professor Shwetak Patel, tech company Belkin is opening a new lab in Seattle. Read the stories:
GeekWire- November 5
The Seattle Times- November 5

UWEE in the News: The UW as Idea Factory
Former EE Chair Vikram Jandhyala highlights his innovative plans for UW.
Seattle Business Magazine- November

UWEE in the News: How the University of Washington Plans to Become a Hub
for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Former EE Chair Vikram Jandhyala shares his plans to create a culture of start-ups.
GeekWire- October 28

UWEE in the News: UW Researchers Pulling Energy Out of Thin Air
EE Professor Joshua Smith, who works jointly in CSE, is interviewed about his new company, Jiva Wireless, which will produce wireless, battery-free sensing devices.
Seattle Times- October 27

UWEE in the News: Diversity at the Top — Building Spaces and Programs
The new Vice Provost of Innovation, former EE Chair Vikram Jandhyala shares his plans.
Northwest Asian Weekly- October 24

UWEE in the News: Navy Awards $8 Million for Wave, Tidal Energy Technology
EE Affiliate Faculty Member Andy Stewart and his crew are featured!
UW Today- October 24

UWEE in the News: Awarding Diversity at the Top
Former EE Chair Vikram Jandhyala is honored at a Diversity at the Top event.
Northwest Asian Weekly- October 23

Three EE Affiliate Professors Receive IEEE Landmark Awards!
EE Affiliate Professor Bishnu Atal receives IEEE Landmark Award.
EE Affiliate Professor Henrique (Rico) Malvar receives IEEE Landmark Award.
EE Affiliate Professor Li Deng receives IEEE Oustanding Engineer Award.

BioRobotics Students Demo Research at IEEE Gala
Two graduate student researchers, Jeffrey Herron and Kevin Huang, shared their work at the IEEE 110th Anniversary Gala on October 19.

UWEE in the News: Inventor of MIMO Wireless Technology to Speak at UW
UW Today- October 16

Mohamed El-Sharkawi Receives Outstanding Educator Award!
EE Professor Mohamed El-Sharkawi is the recipient of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 2014 Award for the Western Region of the United States.

UWEE in the News: The touchless phone: UW's smartphone of the future
KING 5 News- September 24

New: Combined UWEE Bachelor's and Master’s Degree Program
Allowing high-achieving undergraduates early admission into the graduate program, UWEE now offers a combined bachelor's and master’s degree program.

Save the Date: Annual Lytle Lecture Series
Professor (Emeritus) Arogyaswami Paulraj, Stanford University, will discuss the past, present and future of wireless technology October 20-21. Free and open to the public!

UWEE in the News: New RFID technology helps robots find household objects
UW Today- September 22

UWEE in the News: Reflected smartphone transmissions enable gesture control
UW Today- September 19

UWEE in the News: SideSwipe: UW team uses in-air gestures for phones - September 4

UWEE in the News: Changing temperature powers sensors in hard-to-reach places
UW Today - September 3

UWEE in the News: Laser cameras, robots and deli meat measures: 5 UW startups to watch this year
C4C event features EE startups from Blake Hannaford and Howard Chizeck, as well as Vikram Jandhyala as the new Vice Provost for Innovation
TechFlash - July 29

UWEE in the News: Tele-robotics puts robot power at your fingertips - July 23

Tamara Bonaci Invited to 2014 Rising Stars in EECS
Workshop brings together forty outstanding EECS graduate and postdoctoral women from around the country

UWEE in the News: Jandhyala appointed Vice Provost for Innovation
The Daily - July 16

UWEE in the News: Amazon hires Google Glass founder to 'work on a few other things'
Babak Parviz, former UWEE professor and current affiliate professor, is returning to Seattle
GeekWire - July 14

UWEE in the News: 2014 Presidential Entrepreneurial Faculty Fellows
Shwetak Patel and Vikram Jandhyala were two of the six faculty honored for entrepreneurial success

UWEE in the News: Washington Takes Big Step Toward Renewable Energy Storage and Grid Integration
Clean Energy Institute - July 8

UWEE in the News: GeekWire Radio: Brain-computer interfaces and the future of personal privacy
Episode features Howard Chizeck and Tamara Bonaci
GeekWire Radio - July 5

The 2014 UWEE graduation celebration video is online!
You can watch it now, download a copy to watch later... or both!

UWEE in the News: Doing the guitar gods' work, hundreds of watts at a time
Seattle Times - June 24

UWEE in the News: Rhoads leaving UW commercialization; Jandhyala takes new innovation post
UW Today - June 24

UWEE in the News: Zippy, electric micro cars coming to campus for sustainability research
UW Today - June 23

UWEE in the News: UW students' electric-hybrid car takes 2nd in international competition
UW Today - June 20

UWEE in the News: Sensor in eye could track pressure changes, monitor for glaucoma
UW Today - June 16, 2014

Alumnus Venumadhav Bhagavatula (PhD '13) Wins Best Paper Award at the 2014 IEEE RFIC Symposium
Dr. Bhagavatula conducted this work in UW's FAST Lab with faculty advisor Chris Rudell.

UWEE in the News: Think Internet Data Mining Goes Too Far? Then You Won't Like This
NPR - May 29, 2014

UW EE to Demo SERS Team Project at SmartAmerica Expo
Event will take place at the Washington DC Convention Center, June 11.

Rudell Receives NSF Funding to Advance Work on Broadband Radio Transceivers
Three-year NSF grant is in collaboration with Professor R. Gharpurey of the University of Texas.

Chizeck, Bonaci, Calo Win Best Paper Award at IEEE Ethics 2014
The award-winning paper is titled, "App Stores for the Brain: Privacy & Security in Brain-Computer Interfaces."

Mentor Graphics Acquires Nimbic, Inc.
Nimbic was founded in 2006 (as Physware) by Professor Vikram Jandhyala.

A Look into EE 547: Linear Systems Theory
Course was taught by Research Associate Professor Linda Bushnell as a part of the Professional Master's Program.

UWEE in the News: UW Engineers Gear Up for SmartAmerica Challenge
UW Center for Commercialization website - May 20, 2014

The Spring 2014 issue of The Integrator is now available
The latest edition of our alumni newsletter is now available in PDF format.

SNUPI named "Technology Alliance Innovation Showcase Company of the Year"
The startup was co-founded by UWEE's Professor Shwetak Patel, Professor Matt Reynolds, grad student Gabe Cohn, and CSE's Jeremy Jaech.

UWEE in the News: Closing the Gap
Agnieszka Miguel, Chair of Seattle University's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, received her Ph.D. from UWEE in 2001.
Seattle University Commons - May 16, 2014

UWEE in the News: UW building teleoperated robots for disaster response in national challenge
UW Today - May 7, 2014

UWEE in the News: Seattle City Light/LED
LumiSands, a startup company formed by alumni Ji Hoo and Chang-Ching Tu, is making LEDs cheaper and greener to produce.
UW 360 Video - April 2014

Affiliate Professor Babak Parviz Selected to Receive the 2014 Industrial Pioneer Award
Dr. Parviz is a member of the UW EE's Advisory Board, and a director at Google X.

Dudley Buck's Forgotten Cryotron Computer
Buck's (BSEE '48) early contributions to microcircuitry development in IEEE Spectrum.
IEEE Spectrum - April 2014 Issue

Georg Seelig and Adrian KC Lee Receive the ONR Young Investigator Award
Seelig and Lee are two of only twenty four researchers honored this year.

Tom Clement to Speak at the 2014 EE Graduation Celebration
UW EE's graduation celebration will be held on Friday, June 13th in the HUB Ballroom.

Chong Li Receives the Intel Foundation/SRCEA Graduate Fellowship
Li is advised by Professor Richard C.J. Shi

Eric Klavins wins Faculty Innovator Award
Klavins has been awarded the 2014 Faculty Innovator: Teaching and Learning Award from COE.

UWEE in the News: Robot Surgeons are the Future of Medicine
The Raven robot of the BioRobotics Lab is featured at the 2:45 mark of the video.
Fw: Thinking - April, 2014

Innovation and entrepreneurism, at home and abroad
Professor and Chair Vikram Jandhyala presents keynote speech to Taiwan alumni at the UW President's reception in Taipei.
Office of the President - April 14, 2014

Aaron Parks & Joshua Smith Win Best Paper Award at the 2014 IEEE RFID Conference
The paper is titled, "Sifting Through the Airwaves: Efficient and Scalable Multiband RF Harvesting"

Graduate Student Kelly Kozdras Wins the Hydro Research Foundation Award
Kozdras is one of 12 recipients to receive the award this year.

UWEE in the News: Is seeing Google Glass believing?
Seattle PI - April 4, 2014

UWEE in the News: BluHaptics: Underwater Robotics with a Human Touch
UW C4C Website - April 2, 2014

Three UW EE Students Receive 2014 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
Congratulations to Palma London, Edward Wang, and Sunny Rao!

Top EE Female Graduate Students Attend Grace Hopper Conference, Land Prestigious Positions
Julie Medero to join the CS department at Harvey Mudd as an Assistant Professor, Jessica J. Tran to join Thomson Reuters as a Technology Associate Leader.

UWEE in the News: Come See AllSee, UW’s New Low-Power Gesture Control System
Xconomy - April 1, 2014

UWEE in the News: Robot Roundup
Science Friday - March 26, 2014

2014 EEIC Poster Contest
Cash prizes will be awarded for the top three in each category and a conference trip for 1st place.

UWEE in the News: Cochlear implants for music perception by EE Professor Les Atlas and Adjunct Professor Kaibao Nie
UW 360 Video - March 21, 2014

The 2014 edition of the Electrical Engineering Kaleidoscope is now online!
Articles feature student and faculty research and achievements.

UWEE in the News: Battery-free technology brings gesture recognition to all devices
UW Today - February 27, 2014

UWEE in the News: Spotlight on Tech Policy Lab Scholar Tamara Bonaci
Tech Policy Lab - February 24, 2014

UWEE in the News: BluHaptics - Safer and More Efficient Undersea Robotic Operations
YouTube Video, UW APL

Seminar: Joakim Andén, Applied Mathematics, Ecole Polytechnique
"Scattering Invariants for Audio Classification"
February 26, 2014

UWEE in the News: Google Contacts Will Help Diabetics Monitor Blood Sugar Via Tears
Forbes - February 12, 2014

UWEE in the News: IEEE Fellows Céhampion the Cause of Women Engineers
The Institute - February 7, 2014

Science & NSF Announce the 2013 International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge Winners
Alumna Anna Pyayt Wins People's Choice Award

UWEE in the News: UW Women Engineers
UW 360 - January 23, 2014

Alumnus Simon Sze (MSEE ’60) wins 2014 COE Diamond Award
Sze recognized for his distinguished achievement in academia.

Bilmes' Paper Selected for Inclusion in "25 Years of International Conference on Supercomputing"
Only 2% of the papers over the past 25 years were selected for the volume.

UWEE in the News: Nest Competitor Monitors Your House's Leaks on the Cheap
MIT Technology Review - January 23, 2014

Rishabh Iyer Wins Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship
Out of the 181 applicants, Iyer is one of twelve recipients.

UWEE in the News: Google's new 'smart contact lens' project began at UW, with help from Microsoft
Geek Wire - January 17, 2014

UWEE in the News: Google develops contact lens glucose monitor
The Washington Post - January 16, 2014

Jessica Tran Receives the kynamatrix Research Network "Innovation through Collaboration"
2014 Grant Award

Tran is advised by professors Eve A. Riskin (EE), Richard E. Ladner, and Jacob O. Wobbrock (iSchool).

UWEE in the News: Seattle co. makes wireless sensors to detect moisture in homes
King - January 14, 2014

UWEE in the News: Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp) Research Lab: A Computing Research in Action Showcase
The Computing Community Consortium - January 13, 2014

UWEE in the News: SNUPI Technologies Raises $7.5M from WRF, Madrona to Take Wally to Market
Xconomy - January 13, 2014


UWEE in the News: Synthetic DNA
UW 360 - December 2013

Bilmes and Iyer Win Best Paper at the 2013 Neural Information Processing Systems Conference
Their paper was one of three selected at the conference to receive the best paper award.

UW Launches New Clean Energy Institute, Five UW EE Graduate Students Awarded Fellowships
Yury Dvorkin, Ahlmahz Negash, Mushfiqur Sarker, Jeremy Popp, and Jesus Contreras-Ocana are the fellowship recipients.

UWEE in the News: With Cochlear Implants, Music Is Harder To Hear Than You Think
Soundcheck - November 15, 2013

Researchers Receive Funding from NSF to Advance Secure Telerobotics Research
UWEE professor Howard Chizeck along with Tadayoshi Kohno of CSE will lead these efforts on this project.

UWEE in the News: SNUPI Technologies' Home Sensor Network Monitors Water Leaks, Babies
Xconomy - November 15, 2013

UWEE in the News: UW partners with Agilent Technologies for new equipment
The Daily - November 13, 2013

UWEE in the News: Exposing music to the ears
The Daily - November 6, 2013

UWEE in the News: Meet Wally: This $299 low-power sensor network detects water leaks and mold
GeekWire - November 4, 2013

UWEE in the News: UW robot featured in sci-fi thriler 'Ender's Game'
KOMO News - November 1, 2013

UW EE's Raven Robot Makes its Big Screen Debut in 'Ender's Game'
EE graduate student Hawkeye King and then-UW bioengineering doctoral student Lee White were the sole operators of the robot during filming.

UWEE in the News:
UW surgical robot featured in 2013 movie ‘Ender’s Game’
UW Today - November 1, 2013

UWEE in the News: Meet the real-life robo-surgeon who fixes brains in 'Ender's Game'
NBC News - October 31, 2013

Graduate Student Jessica Tran Selected to Attend the 2013 Rising Stars in EECS
Trans' research interests are in digital signal processing-video compression and Human Computer Interaction.

UWEE in the News: Seattle Children's developing cochlear implant to hear music
King 5 News - October 30, 2013

UWEE in the News: Volunteer Spotlight: Jack Lockhart
Forterra Newsletter - Fall 2013 Issue

UW EE Undergrads Win 2013-2014 IEEE Power & Energy Society Scholarships
Congratulations to Erin Clement, Anastasia Corman, Parichehr Karimi, Kyle Lindgren, Melissa Martinsen, Kaiwen Sun, Tracy Yuan!

UWEE in the News: New UW-Pacific NW National Lab computing-research institute holds first public workshop
UW Today - October 25, 2013

UW EE and Agilent Partner to Build Embedded Systems Teaching Laboratories
Lab upgrades include the industry's latest cutting-edge electronic test equipment.

UWEE in the News: Stephen Boyd: Making the best decisions in smart systems, products
UW Today - October 23, 2013

UW EE Receives Funding from SRC's New Semiconductor Synthetic Biology Program
The UW is one of six universities to be initially funded for their research in this field.

The Fall 2013 issue of The Integrator is now available
The latest edition of our alumni newsletter is now available in PDF format.

Music to One's Ears
Signal processing improvements in cochlear implants help users hear music better.

UWEE in the News: UW female professors building a culture for engineering
The Seattle Times - October 15, 2013

UWEE in the News: UW Engineer's Design Could Help Deaf People Enjoy Music
KPLU - October 14, 2013

Alumna Kelin J. Kuhn wins 2012 Paul Rappaport Award
Kuhn received this honor for her paper titled, "Considerations for Ultimate CMOS Scaling."

UWEE in the News: New strategy lets cochlear implant users hear music
UW Today - October 9, 2013

WiSee Receives Best Paper Award at Mobicom 2013
Award-winning paper is titled, "Whole Home Gesture Recognition Using Wireless Signals"

UWEE in the News: UW engineers invent programming language to build synthetic DNA
UW Today - September 30, 2013

Bridging Mathematical Disciplines Helps IPAM Organizer Make Sense of Incomplete Data
Maryam Fazel in the annual newsletter of the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM).

UWEE in the News: FDA to regulate some medical-related apps
CBS News - September 24, 2013

UW researchers receive $1.5M from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation for brain-computer-spinal interface research

The Dean Lytle Electrical Engineering Endowed Lecture Series
Dr. Stephen P. Boyd, Samsung Professor of Stanford University will be speaking on October 28th and 29th.

Klavins and Seelig Win NSF Award for Molecular Programming
NSF's Expeditions in Computing program awarded $10 million to two projects seeking to define the future of computing and information.

UWEE in the News: Wireless Ambient Radio Power (WARP): Harvesting ambient radio energy sources to power remote sensors
Research at Google Blog - September 5, 2013

Women at Google Looking Past the Glass Ceiling
New York Times - August 23, 2013

Eldridge Alcantara Receives SMART Scholarship
The sponsoring agency of this five-year award is SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific.

UWEE in the News: Wireless devices go battery-free with new communication technique
UW Today - August 13, 2013

Saba and Medero Receive COE Dean's Fellowships
The fellowships are for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Three star researchers joining UW EE faculty
We are pleased to announce Visvesh Sathe, Matt Reynolds, and Arka Majumdar will be joining us!

Seminar: Professor Khaled Nabil Salama
"Memristor-based memory: The sneak paths problem and solutions," August 15th, 2013

UWEE in the News: Belkin Gadget Will Reveal How Much Energy Your Devices Use
MIT Technology Review - August 1, 2013

UWEE in the News: Breakthrough in detecting DNA mutations could help treat tuberculosis, cancer
UW Today - July 28, 2013

UWEE in the News: Professor to CEO and Back Again: Q & A with Dr. Vikram Jandhyala
Center for Commercialization - July 17, 2013

Talk: Professor Eric Klavins at the Queen Anne Science Cafe
"Reprogramming Life" - August 6, 2013

UW EE Faculty Promotions
Congrats to Linda Bushnell, Alex Mamishev, Shwetak Patel and Jim Peckol on their recent promotions.

Bilmes, Iyer, Jegelka Receive Best Paper Award at the 2013 ICML
Award-winning paper is titled, "Fast Semidifferential-based Submodular Function Optimization."

Kaiwen Sun Receives the 2013 Bonderman Fellowship
The fellowships offer students a unique experience to learn about new cultures, people and areas of the world.

UWEE in the News: Silicon-based nanoparticles could make LEDs cheaper, greener to produce
UW Today - June 12, 2013

Alumnus Jeyanandh Paramesh Promoted to Associate Professor
Jeyanandh's doctoral dissertation was advised by Professor David Allstot.

Alumnus Loukas Lazos Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure
Loukas' doctoral dissertation was advised by Professor Radha Poovendran.

UWEE in the News: Teaching old microphones new tricks
The Economist - June 2013

Sep Makhsous on the Grand Prize Winning Team at the 2013 UW Business Plan Competition
The team's startup company called Pure Blue Technologies took home the $25,000 grand prize.

Seminar: Richard E. Turner, University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering
"Demodulation and time-frequency analysis as inference"
June 5, 2013

UWEE in the News: Fiction novel finds a setting in scientific history
Bainbridge Island Review - May 19, 2013

UWEE in the News: MIT engineering professor to speak on research, career journey
UW Today - May 8, 2013

UWEE in the News: New 'academic redshirt' program to support undergraduate STEM education
UW Today - May 8, 2013

The Spring 2013 issue of The Integrator is now available
The latest edition of our alumni newsletter is now available in PDF format.

Five PMP Students Win "Best Project" Award from Microsoft Research
The awards were sponsored by Microsoft Research's Project Hawaii.

Linda Bai wins Best Student Paper Award at the 2013 IEEE Radar Conference

Professor Sumit Roy is Linda Bai's faculty advisor.

UWEE in the News: Belkin Unveils Echo Sensor Technology for Intelligent Use of Water, Energy and Natural Gas Resources
The Wall Street Journal - April 30, 2013

UWEE in the News: Smart dust computers are no bigger than a snowflake
New Scientist - April 26, 2013

UWEE in the News: New UW, PNNL Institute Attracts Supercomputing Expert Dunning
Xconomy - April 25, 2013

UWEE in the News: Turning a standard LCD monitor into touchscreen with a $5 wall-mounted sensor
Extreme Tech - April 25, 2013

UWEE in the News: A Simple Way to Turn Any LCD into a Touch Screen
MIT Technology Review - April 24, 2013

Sanehira Awarded NASA's 2013 Space Technology Research Fellowship
This prestigious award provides a stipend, tuition and fees, some research expense, and on-site NASA center/R&D lab experience allowance.

UWEE in the News: Agilent's FieldFox Analyzers: Redefining RF Education
Agilent Technologies - April 23, 2013

UWEE in the News: AI could help investigation of Boston Marathon bombing
New Scientist - April 18, 2013

The Dean Lytle Electrical Engineering Endowed Lecture Series
Dr. Alan S. Willsky, Edwin Sibley Webster Professor of MIT will be speaking on May 14th and 15th.

Student Professional Awareness Conference (SPAC 2013)
The UW IEEE student branch hosted the annual event on Monday, April 15th.

Ted Kummert (BSEE '85) to Give UW EE's 2013 Graduation Speech
UW EE's graduation celebration will be held on Friday, June 14th in Kane Hall 130.

2013 EEIC Poster Contest Winners
Awards were given in each of the three categories (graduate, undergraduate and class projects).

UW EE at the 2013 IEEE RFID Conference
Three of the five best paper award candidates are affiliated with UW EE and CSE.

Shwetak Patel Receives 2013 NSF CAREER Award
The award was given to his proposal "New Systems and Tools for Residential Sustainability Sensing".

Huang and Sanehira Receive NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
These prestigious awards provide three years of support.

The 2013 edition of the Electrical Engineering Kaleidoscope is now online!
Articles feature student and faculty research and achievements.

UWEE in the News: UW implements new RF and microwave teaching lab
The Daily - March 6, 2013

UWEE in the News: Most Popular Stories of 2012
BioPhotonics - January 2013 Features

UW EE and Agilent Technologies Collaborate on New High-Tech RF and Microwave Teaching Laboratory
The new lab will provide students access to state-of-the-art equipment.

Agilent Technologies and University of Washington Collaborate to Build High-Tech RF and Microwave Teaching Laboratory
Agilent Technologies - February 20, 2013

Jessica Tran Receives American Sign Language Project Scholarship
Tran is advised by professors Eve A. Riskin (EE), Richard E. Ladner, and Jacob O. Wobbrock (iSchool).

2013 EEIC Poster Contest
Cash prizes will be awarded for the top three in each category and a conference trip for 1st place.

2013 Alumni and Friends Reception
The reception is on February 19th in San Francisco

UW EE Alum Appointed as the Director of Cyber Security Center of KACST
Basel Alomair (UWEE PhD '11) is the Center's founding Director.

UWEE in the News: Where to See the Northern Lights This Season
Seattle Magazine - February, 2013

Vamsi Talla Wins Best Student Paper at WiSNet 2013
Award-winning paper is titled, "Hybrid Analog-Digital Backscatter for High Data Rate, Battery-Free Sensing"

UWEE in the News:
Tracking Lung Health With a Cell Phone
MIT Technology Review - January 15, 2013

Three Undergrads Receive Mary Gates Scholarships
Congratulations to Xinwei Tan, Palma London and Paul Bartell.

UWEE in the News: UW, Pacific NW National Lab join forces on computing research
UW Today - January 9, 2013

UWEE in the News: Tech Idea List: 5 Nerds To Watch In 2013
NPR: All Tech Considered - January 2, 2013


UWEE in the News: Google Glass Features and Apps Still in Flux
Babak Parviz, head of the Google Glass project, hints at what to expect next

IEEE Spectrum - December 31, 2012

Andrew Clark – A finalist for the IEEE CDC 2012 Student Best Paper Award
Award was presented at the 51st IEEE Conference on Decision and Control.

SNUPI Technologies Launches, UW Spinoff Receives $1.5M in Funding
Startup stems from technology developed by EE's Shwetak Patel and Gabe Cohn, and Matt Reynoldsof Duke University.

Seven UW EE Undergrads Receive IEEE Power & Energy Society Scholarships
Congratulations to Howard Lu, Tomas Martinez, Erin Clement, Jessica Coleman, Kaiwen Sun, Melissa Martinsen and Tracy Yuan!

Tsang Receives the 2012 William T. Pecora Award
The Pecora Award honors outstanding contributions in the field of remote sensing.

The Fall 2012 issue of The Integrator is now available
The latest edition of our alumni newsletter is now available in PDF format.

Bishnu Atal Receives the IEEE Kilby Signal Processing Medal
Atal was recognized for his "fundamental and pioneering contributions to speech coding."

UW EE Paper Among the 'Best in Imaging Systems from OSA's Journals'
"Subwavelength imaging enhancement through a three-dimensional plasmon superlens with rough surface"

UW EE Alum Selected as a Boeing Associate Technical Fellow
Sampigethaya selected for his engineering and aviation cyber security expertise.

UW EE Entrepreneurs Recognized by President Young at the 2012 C4C Innovator Awards
Jandhyala and Sathanur were recognized for their work at the event.

Patel Receives Georgia Tech GVU Impact Award
Recognized for his research excellence and broader impact.

Alumnus Rahul Vanam Receives VCIP 2012 Best Reviewer Award
Rahul received his PhD from UW EE in 2010.

Brandon Pierquet - A STARS Researcher
Pierquet was recognized by the STARS program for his focus on smart grid research.

Seminar: Ganesh Sankaranarayanan, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
"Training the Next Generation of Surgeons: An Engineering Perspective"
October 11, 2012

UWEE in the News: SpiroSmart app lets phone accurately measure lung capacity
CBS News - September 27, 2012

UWEE in the News: The original Twitter? Tiny electronic tags monitor birds' social networks
UW Today - September 20, 2012

UWEE in the News: New app claims to simply measure lung capacity
KOMO News - September 19, 2012

UWEE in the News: App lets you monitor lung health using only a smartphone
UW Today - September 18, 2012

UWEE in the News: Big Data Gets Its Own Photo Album
New York Times - September 13, 2012

Gabe Cohn Awarded Ubicomp 2012 Best Paper
The 14th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing was held in Pittsburgh September 5-8.

Kai-Mei Fu Receives 2012 NSF CAREER Award
Fu becomes the department's 14th winner of the NSF CAREER Award.

Featured Engineer Interview – Karl Böhringer

Rico Malvar Elected to Washington State Academy of Sciences
Malvar is an Affiliate Professor of EE as well as Chief Scientist at Microsoft Research.

Tsang Elected to the Washington State Academy of Sciences
Members are elected for their distinguished and continuing scientific achievements.

Tsang Wins 2013 IEEE Electromagnetics Award

Recipients are recognized for their outstanding contributions to electromagnetics in theory, application or education.

Brandon Pierquet Joins UW EE
Pierquet will join the department as an assistant professor this fall.

Shwetak N. Patel, winner of the India Abroad Face of the Future Award
The India Abroad Person of the Year Event was held in New York on June 29, 2012.

Alumnus David Burnett Receives NDSEG Fellowship
Burnett received his BSEE and MSEE from the department in 2005 and 2007.

UWEE in the News: Plasma startup creates high-energy light to make smaller microchips
UW Today - June 28, 2012

Disruptor of the Day: Joshua Smith - A Researcher on the Cutting Edge of Sensor Technology (Q&A)
Daily Disruption - June 25, 2012

2012 Lytle Lecture Premieres on UWTV
The lecture will premiere on: July 19th at 4pm, July 20th at 12pm, July 21st at 1pm.

UWEE in the News: Impulsed Advanced Technologies, Pico Computing Accelerate Genome Analysis
HPC Wire - June 14, 2012

The 2012 UWEE graduation video and photos are online!
You can watch it now, download a copy to watch later, or browse through the event photos.

UWEE in the News: Is sci-fi surgery so outrageous?
The Telegraph - June 5, 2012

UWEE in the News: Alex Mamishev on KUOW's Weekday 94.9FM - May 29, 2012

Synthetic Biology Event
Eric Klavins to speak at the Pacific Science Center on June 6th.

Andrew Clark Receives WiOpt2012 Best Paper Award

The award-winning paper was co-authored by EE faculty advisors Linda Bushnell and Radha Poovendran.

UWEE in the News:
Next Up in Kinect-Style Motion Sensing: Ultrasound?
Popular Mechanics - May 25, 2012

UWEE in the News: Smartphone scanner developed at UW helps dieters count calories
King 5 News - May 24, 2012

The Spring 2012 issue of The Integrator is now available
The latest edition of our alumni newsletter is now available in PDF format.

Fredrik Ryden in IEEE Potentials Student Magazine
Article describes the haptics-Kinect research of Ryden and the Biorobotics Lab.

Xiaoyong Li Receives Chinese Thousand Talents Award
Li completed his PhD in Electrical Engineering at UW in 2004 with Professor David Allstot.

UWEE in the News: Affiliate Professor Jacob Rosen named 2012 Health Care Hero
Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal - May 10, 2012

UWEE in the News: SoundWave project
The Ubicomp lab's SoundWave project has been in the news lately - here's our current list of all the stories.

UWEE in the News: Humantenna project
The Ubicomp lab's Humantenna project has been in the news lately - here's our current list of all the stories.

UWEE in the News: Portable diagnostics designed to be shaken, not stirred
UW Today - May 9, 2012

Eric Larson Wins CoE Student Innovator Award
Eric was chosen as this year's "Student Innovator: Research" winner.

UWEE in the News: American Sign Language Goes Mobile
Inside Science - May 3, 2012

Nanoelectronics Seminar: Marc Cahay, University of Cincinnati
"Towards the realization of an all electrical spin valve using quantum point contacts"
May 9, 1:00pm

Seelig Receives the DARPA Young Faculty Award
The project will aim to develop a cheap and easy-to-use point of care diagnostic test for infectious diseases.

Andrew T. Yang to Speak at UW EE's Graduation Celebration
UW EE’s graduation ceremony will be held on Friday, June 8th, 7-9pm in Kane Hall 130.

Dementyev, Harris, Spott, Richmond, Haddock win NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
These prestigious awrads provide three years of support.

UWEE in the News: Space weather forecast: Sunspotty, with an increasing chance of solar storms
UW Today - April 11, 2012

UWEE in the News: The Computing Trend that Will Change Everything
Technology Review - April 9, 2012

Studarus and Greenhall win Hydro Research Foundation Fellowships
Two of the ten fellowships awarded this year go to UW EE graduate students.

UWEE in the News: Google's new goggles: "Project Glass," with UW assist
Seattle Times - April 4, 2012

UWEE in the News: A Rose-Colored View May Come Standard
New York Times - April 4, 2012

UWEE in the News: Ingrid Daubechies: Using math to identify art forgeries, reconstruct extinct animals' diets
UW Today - April 3, 2012

Symposium on Electrical Energy Research and Commercialization
A three-part video series on UWTV

UWEE in the News: Conversations at KCTS 9: Shwetak Patel
KCTS 9 - April 1, 2012

Northern Lights on tap for Western Washington sky-watchers? - March 8, 2012

UWEE in the News: EDUCATION: Unlocking the lab and launching companies
Puget Sound Business Journal - March 2, 2012

2012 EEIC Poster Contest Announcement
Cash prizes will be awarded for the top three in each category and a conference trip for 1st place.

The 2012 edition of the Electrical Engineering Kaleidoscope is now online!
Articles feature student and faculty research and achievements.

UWEE in the News: Robotics Surgery Systems Shipped to Medical Research Centers
NSF Current Newsletter - March 2012

UWEE in the News: UW Scientists Study Quantum Dots To Find Cures for Diseases
The Daily - February 29, 2012

UWEE in the News: Quantum dots control brain cells for the first time
NewScientist - February 14, 2012

Dean Lytle Electrical Engineering Endowed Lecture Series
Dr. Ingrid Daubechies, James B. Duke Professor of Mathematics at Duke University will be speaking on April 9th and 10th.

Shwetak Patel Awarded Sloan Fellowship
Shwetak is the fourth EE faculty member to be honored as a Sloan Fellow.

UWEE in the News: Robot flash mob: Bots come out to dance, assist humanity on Red Square
UW Today - February 10, 2012

UWEE in the News: Flipping a Light Switch in the Cell: Quantum Dots used for Targeted Neural Activiation
The Optical Society of America - February 8, 2012

UWEE in the News: Bright red phosphor is based on silicon quantum dots
Laser Focus World - February 8, 2012

Henrique Malvar Elected to National Academy of Engineering
EE Affiliate Professor Malvar is Chief Scientist at Microsoft Research.

UWEE in the News: UW launches technology startup incubator, aims to double startups in three years
UW Today - February 8, 2012

On-Ramps into Academia
IEEE Women in Engineering Magazine - December 2011 Issue

Gabe Cohn Wins Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship
Out of 198 nominees, Cohn is one of twelve winners.

Atlas Receives the Viriginia Merrill Bloedel Scholar Award
This three-year award is for Atlas' innovative approach to signal processing for hearing research and devices.

UWEE in the News: UW develops diet aid designed to work with smartphone
TechFlash - January 27, 2012

UWEE in the News: Open-Source Surgical Robot Fuels University Research
ACM News - January 24, 2012

Evening With Industry Career Fair
Open to all students looking for internships, co-ops, and full-time employment.

UWEE in the News: Northern Lights could appear above Washington tonight
The Seattle Times - January 23, 2012

Raven II in the Media
News on the Raven II surgical robots on MSNBC, The Economist, Q13 Fox News and more.

UWEE in the News: Prosthetic sensor adds diagnostic 'feeling' to artificial limbs
TechFlash - January 20, 2012

EE Undergrad Wins SWE Outstanding Female Award
Xuejiao Yang will be recognized at the 30th Annual Evening With Industry Event Jan. 25th.

Adrian KC Lee Wins AFOSR YIP Award
Lee is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of UW EE and collaborates with Professor Les Atlas' group

UWEE in the News:
Surgical robots to provide open-source platform for medical robotics research
UW Today - January 12, 2012

Alumni Accept Academic Positions
Xiaoyong Li and Kuang-Wei Cheng received their PhD's from UWEE in 2004 and 2009, respectively

Open House for the Raven II Surgical Robotics Platform
An opportunity to check out the eight surgical robots in action

UWEE in the News: Microsoft developing electronic contact lens to monitor blood sugar - January 5, 2012

UWEE in the News: Yongmin Kim: Setting the pace for bioengineers
IEEE Pulse - January 1, 2012


Alumnus Patrick Tague Receives NSF CAREER Award
Tague earned his MS and PhD degrees in 2007 and 2009, respectively.

UWEE in the News: Decoding unselfishness—the double-helix of enthusiasum
UW Today - December 7, 2011

UWEE in the News: In her free time, this Google researcher designs puzzles of the wooden kind - December 6, 2011

UWEE in the News: UW Prosthetic Sensing Array Gives "Feeling" to Prostheses - December 2, 2011

UWEE in the News: Sensor Sensation
Prisim Magazine - December 1, 2011

UWEE in the News: Wireless display in a contact lens takes shape
EE Times - November 23, 2011

Bionic Contact Lens One Step Closer to Reality
Research findings were published in the Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering.

UWEE in the News: 'Mobility in the Time of Flood' contest taps into creativity during crisis
Alumna Maneewarn's project assists with the flooding in Thailand
Bangkok Post - November 22, 2011

UWEE in the News: UWEE students win IEEE Power & Energy Society Scholarship
Undergraduate students Melissa Martinsen, Sarah Szewczyk and Tracy Yuan are among the recipients of the inaugural IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative award.
IEEE Power & Energy Society - November 2011

The Fall 2011 issue of The Integrator is now available
The latest edition of our alumni newsletter is now available in PDF format.

UWEE in the News: University of Washington students win world synthetic biology competition
The Seattle Times - November 7, 2011

UW's iGEM Team named World Champions!
Hot news out of Cambridge MA... our team has won!

More Recognition for Shwetak Patel
Shwetak has been accruing lots of frequent flyer miles lately...

UWEE in the News: UW's Shwetak Patel Wins "Genius Award"
International Examiner - November 3, 2011

Akira Ishimaru Distinguished Lecture
Professor Eric Michielssen from the University of Michigan will be speaking on November 15th.

UWEE in the News: Better typing while walking, and other cool stuff from UW
Grad student Gabe Cohn is the winner of this year's Madrona Prize
GeekWire - October 20, 2011

UWEE in the News: Sensing a good vibe
The Economist - October 19, 2011

UWEE in the News: Seattle's Most Influential People of 2011
Shwetak Patel makes Seattle Magazine's list of Most Influential People of 2011
Seattle Magazine - November 2011 Issue

UWEE in the News: Device to Measure Energy Use
US News and World Report - October 14, 2011

Professor Atlas meets with Seattle Mayor
McGinn met with the Husky Cycling Club, for which Professor Atlas is faculty coordinator.

Kirschen Awarded 1.4M DoE Grant
Professor Kirschen is collaborating with Professor Ian Hiskens of the University of Michigan on this project.

UWEE in the News: Jonathan Koomey Answers Your Questions
Stanford professor Jonathan Koomey mentions Joshua Smith's ultra low power computing work
Slashdot - October 10, 2011

Raven Part of Unimate 50th Anniversary Celebration
The Raven surgical robot was recognized by the IEEE's International conference on Robotics and Systems last month.

UWEE in the News: Genesis of a Genius
India Abroad - September 30, 2011

UWEE in the News: New leader for electrical engineering
UW Today - September 30, 2011

Shwetak Patel Wins MacArthur "Genius" Grant
Chosen for inventing "a series of sensor technology systems for home environments with the goal of saving energy and improving daily life through a broad range of applications."

UWEE in the News: Proton-based transistor could let machines communicate with living things
UW Today - September 20, 2011

Grad Student Paper Wins Sezai Innovation Award
Honor awarded to Ben Waters at the recent ISRBP meeting in Louisville.

UWEE in the News: Remote Control, With a Wave of a Hand
New York Times - September 10, 2011

UWEE in the News: Work on Home Sensors Targets Energy Efficiency
PC World - August 10, 2011

UWEE in the News: Xiao Li - Anticipating what Internet users are searching for
Xiao, a former student of Jeff Bilmes, has been named one of Technology Review's Innovators under 35 (TR-35)
Technology Review - September 2011

UWEE in the News: Skagit Valley College student receives Sydney S. McIntyre, Jr. Scholarship
Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce - August 16, 2011

Dean O'Donnell announces new EE Chair: Vikram Jandhyala
Professor Jandhyala steps into his new role on September 16.

UWEE in the News: Yongmin Kim selected to lead South Korean institution
BioE News - August 8, 2011

UWEE in the News: GeekWire Radio: Apple, Zillow, and the amazing things your home wiring can do
GeekWire - July 23, 2011

UWEE in the News: Artificial heart goes wireless — and gets safer
MSNBC - July 18, 2011

Patel named Microsoft Research Faculty Fellow
Nominations for this fellowship are made by the faculty's university.

UWEE in the News: How Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Kinect help surgeons in the OR
TechFlash - July 16, 2011

New NSF research center established at UW
UW leading $18.5 million partnership with MIT, San Diego State.

UWEE in the News: Researchers Develop Wireless Heart Pump System
DailyTech - July 13, 2011

UWEE in the News: University of Washington Wins NIH Grant To Develop A New Integrated Endoscope System
Optical Coherence Tomography News - July 12, 2011

UWEE in the News: Wireless power could cut cord for patients with implanted heart pumps
UW Today - July 12, 2011

OpSIS in July Issue of SPIE Professional Magazine
New foundry service will reduce costs and allow new lines of research on computer chips.

UWEE in the News: Google I/O Sandbox Case Study: MobileASL
YouTube Google Code Channel - June 24, 2011

Watch the 2011 Graduation Ceremony Video

UWEE in the News: Elegance, engineering combine in Maya Gupta's high-end jigsaw puzzles
UW Today - June 22, 2011

UWEE in the News: Kinect hacks finally legit - is Skype next?
Xconomy - June 16, 2011

UWEE in the News: Meet Tony Simon, Another Industrial Assessment Center Student Success Story - June 16, 2011

UWEE in the News: Microsoft Software Lets Researchers Make Serious Use of its Video-Game Controller
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Wired Campus blog - June 16, 2011

UWEE in the News: Japan's Plant Had Earlier Alert
The Wall Street Journal - June 15, 2011

UWEE in the News: Using Robots to Train the Surgeons of Tomorrow
IEEE Spectrum - June 13, 2011

Patel's Work Makes Cover Story of Wired Magazine
The article describes Patel's research, the inspiration behind it, and his startup.

Best Student Paper Award to UW EE Students at RFIC 2011
Subhanshu Gupta and Daibashish Gangopadhyay co-authored one of three winning papers.

2011 COE Community of Innovators Awards
Professors Brian Otis and Shwetak Patel are recipients of the Junior Faculty Innovator Award.

UWEE in the News: Look into my eyes
The Economist - June 2, 2011

UWEE in the News: Clean water startup PotaVida takes top prize at UW business plan competition
GeekWire - May 27, 2011

UWEE in the News: Congratulations to the 2011 Business Plan Competition Winners!
Foster School of Business - May 26, 2011

EE Awards winners announced!
Winners and nominees were honored at our May 26th event.

High School Student Shines at CHI 2011
Akash Badshah was a part of Patel's summer high school research program in 2010.

UWEE in the News: Bringing Them Back
Inside Higher Ed - May 17, 2011

Kim to Receive 2011 IEEE EMBS William J. Morlock Award
The Society will recognize awardees at the Annual International Conference this August.

Allstot Receives 2011 Mac Van Valkenburg Award
Allstot was selected for his "contributions to mixed-signal and RF integrated systems."

UWEE in the News: How to Make a Human Antenna
Discovery News - May 12, 2011

Alumna Kristen Naegle Accepts Faculty Position
Professor Dave Allstot was Naegles MSEE thesis advisor.

UWEE in the News: Microsoft motion controller concept kicks sand in Kinect's puny face
Engadget - May 11, 2011

UWEE in the News: Microsoft to turn your flat into a control pad
Reg Hardware - May 11, 2011

UWEE in the News: Turn your entire home into a game controller
NewScientist - May 10, 2011

UWEE in the News: Turn everyday objects into touch-sensitive controllers
Gizmodo - May 10, 2011

The Spring 2011 issue of The Integrator is now available
The latest edition of our alumni newsletter is now available in PDF format.

Three Paper Awards to UW EE Students at CHI 2011
CHI 2011 is the premier international conference of human-computer interaction.

UWEE in the News: Talking to the Wall
Technology Review - May 3, 2011

UWEE in the News: Washington Companies Scored $53M in Equity Financing for March, Led by nLight, Tier 3 & Physware
Xconomy - April 29, 2011

UWEE in the News: UW Start-Up Physware Accelerates Design Solutions for Microelectronics Companies
Center for Commercialization website - April 29, 2011

Todd Duncombe awarded NSF Fellowship
Duncombe's undergraduate research work was with Professor Karl Böhringer.

Negash and McVicar Awarded NSF Fellowships
The faculty advisors of Negash and McVicar are Shwetak Patel and Scott Hauck.

Anna Dixon Awarded Intel/SRCEA Fellowship
Dixon is advised by Professor Dave Allstot.

UWEE in the News: A wireless heart
The Economist online - April 12, 2011

UWEE in the News: Jianjun Guo, GE's Genius of the Day
Jianjun received his Ph.D. under Professor Tsang in 2002 and also did a Post-Doc with Professor Allstot in 2003.
GE Global Research - April 8, 2011

Ramses Alcaide awarded NSF Fellowship
Now a graduate student at Michigan, Ramses received his BSEE from UW Electrical Engineering.

UWEE in the News: Can Google Reinvent Web Video?
Technology Review - March 30, 2011

2011 UW Environmental Innovation Challenge Winners
UW students and faculty part of this year's winning teams.

UWEE in the News: Eight UW professors named 'Entrepreneurial Faculty Fellows' in new program
UW Today - March 31, 2011

Myers and Gebhart Win Gates Leadership Scholarships
Leadership scholarships encourage students to focus on public service in the community or on campus.

UWEE in the News: Hacking Kinect for Surgical Robotics Research
Columns Magazine - March, 2011

2011 Annual EEIC Poster Contest Announcement
Contest will be held on April 1st, 4:00-6:00pm in the Paul Allen Center Atrium.

UWEE in the News: Greater Danger Lies in Spent Fuel Than in Reactors
New York Times - March 17, 2011

UWEE in the News: This Is Your Future - Internet Contact Eyes
Newsweek - March 13, 2011

UWEE in the News: Dancing with Drones: UW students and autonomous aircraft
GeekWire - March 10, 2011

The 2011 edition of the Electrical Engineering Kaleidoscope is now online!

Features include student research articles and the entrepreurial innovations of our faculty and students.

UWEE in the News: "Quadricopters" Take Over UW's Allen Center Atrium for Electrical Engineering Class Demo
Xconomy - March 7, 2011

BRL's Haptics-Kinect Research on MSNBC
Video and article of this work has been posted on MSNBC.

Seelig Awarded the 2011 Sloan Research Fellowship

Program recognizes the achievements of outstanding young scholars in science, mathematics, economics and computer science.

EE/CSE IEEEXtreme Team Wins Regional Prize
A total of 970 teams in 50 countries (10 regions total) of IEEE participated in the competition.

UWEE in the News: Implantable computers to restore brain function lost to injury or disease is Keck Foundation grant goal
UW Today - February 7, 2011

UWEE in the News: It's Fashionable to be Early, and Other Startup Lessons from the Innovation Showcase
Xconomy - February 7, 2011

UWEE in the News: Tech Pioneer describes birth of PC revolution
The Seattle Times - February 2, 2011

UWEE in the News: Silicon-on-sapphire ring resonators operate at a 5.5 µm wavelength
OptoIQ - February 1, 2011

UWEE in the News: Q&A: Why the UW and Intel are betting on silicon photonic chips
TechFlash - February 1, 2011

UWEE in the News: Researchers Hope Sharing Costs Will Spur Optical Chips
The Wall Street Journal Technology Blog - February 1, 2011

UWEE in the News: UW, Backed by Intel and U.S. Military, Sets Up Center to Merge Electronics, Photonics
Xconomy - February 1, 2011

UWEE in the News: New center aims to dramatically lower barrier to making silicon photonic chips
UW Today - February 1, 2011

Jandhyala to Chair Panel on "Cloud Computing for Electronic Co-Design: Challenges and Opportunities"
The panel is a part of DesignCon 2011.

Alumnus Pamela Bhatti Receives the NSF CAREER Award
Bhatti received her MS degree from UWEE in 1993.

UWEE in the News: Encouraging Women in Industry to Apply for Faculty Jobs
Xconomy - January 31st, 2011

Hacking Kinect for Robotic Surgery
YouTube Video demonstrating the haptics-Kinect work has received nearly 27,000 hits.

Two More EE Students Awarded Mary Gates Scholarships
Scholarships are intended to support and enrich undergraduate student learning.

UWEE in the News: Encouraging women scientists in industry, government to enter academia
UW Today - January 20, 2011

Patel's Energy Work Noted in PCAST Report to White House
Page 19 of the report includes their work on energy and water monitoring in the home.

UWEE in the News: UW students adapt gaming hardware for robotic surgery
The Daily - January 18, 2011

Microsoft's Craig Mundie Demos Haptics-Kinect Work from Biorobotics Lab
Fredrik Ryden, Howard Chizeck and Blake Hannaford are involved with this project.

Chizeck Elected to AIMBE's College of Fellows
Fellows represent the top two percent of the medical and biological engineering community.

UWEE in the News: Shwetak Patel on KUOW's The Conversation 94.9FM - January 7, 2011

UWEE in the News: Newscast from Biorobotics Lab featuring the Kinect, Phantom Omni & Multi-Finger Haptic Device
KOMO 4 News - January 5, 2011

UWEE in the News: Monitoring all the electrical and hydraulic appliances in your house
Freedom to Tinker - January 4, 2011

UWEE in the News: Engineering students hack Kinect for surgical robotics research
UW Today - Januaray 3, 2011


UWEE in the News: Could an Xbox Kinect lead to a medical breakthrough?
KIRO Radio - December 30, 2010

UWEE in the News: UW researchers using Kinect for remote surgery systems - December 27, 2010

UWEE in the News: Top 10 startup stories of 2010
TechFlash - December 27, 2010

UWEE in the News: Best of Microsoft Kinect hacks
MSNBC - December 26, 2010

UWEE in the News: DARPA funds partnership between Singapore's Institute of Microelectronics and the University of Washington for triple boost to miniaturization efforts
Nanowerk - December 23, 2010

Ishimaru Wins COE's 2011 Diamond Award
The award honors outstanding alumni and friends who have made significant contributions to the field of engineering.

UWEE in the News: UW students win $40,000 to help make water safe to drink
King 5 News - December 21, 2010

UWEE in the News: Students' water-testing tool wins $40,000, launches nonprofit
UW Today - December 20, 2010

UWEE in the News: Kinect and haptics combine at the University of Washington to let you feel the future
Engadget - December 19, 2010

Elliot Saba Awarded Mary Gates Undergraduate Research Scholarship
Scholarships enable students to expand their research involvement with faculty.

UWEE in the News: Go to Market
Columns Magazine - December 2010

Kinahan named 2011 IEEE Fellow
EE Adjunct Professor Paul Kinahan has been named a 2011 IEEE Fellow.

UWEE in the News: Eye for Art and Artistry Amid Jigsaw’s Jumble
New York Times - December 6, 2010

UWEE in the News: University of Washington students create anthrax destroying protein - December 2, 2010

UWEE in the News: Gulf oil spill offers central discussion point for Honors 100 class
UW Today - December 1, 2010

The Fall 2010 issue of The Integrator is now available
The latest edition of our alumni newsletter is now available in PDF format.

Borriello named 2011 IEEE Fellow
EE Adjunct Professor Gaetano Borriello has been named a 2011 IEEE Fellow.

Patel wins 2010 TechFlash Newsmaker of the Year
Fellow nominees in this category included Paul Allen, Jeff Bezos, Steve Ballmer, Ben Huh, and Andy Sack.

UWEE in the News: Will a Flood of Tiny Sensors Help Us Cut Emissions?
New York Times - November 29, 2010

UWEE in the News: Hand With a Sixth Sense
Popular Mechanics  - November 27, 2010

Alumnus Patrick Loughlin named 2011 IEEE Fellow
Our own alumni are also among the 321 individuals to be elevated to IEEE Fellow for 2011!

Böhringer, Ritcey named 2011 IEEE Fellows
Professors Jim Ritcey and Karl Böhringer have been named IEEE Fellows effective January 1, 2011.

Professor Jandhyala Named an Inaugural Entrepreneurial Faculty Fellow
Candidates for this honor were nominated by department chairs and C4C technology managers

UWEE in the News: College of Engineering putting diversity front and center
UW Today - November 17, 2010

UWEE in the News: Paul Allen grants go where few have gone before
Seattle Times - November 17, 2010

UWEE in the News: Undergraduates' anthrax-killing protein wins international synthetic biology prize
UW Today - November 17, 2010

UWEE in the News: A Riveting Puzzle Full of Whimsy (and "Whimsies") - November 11, 2010

Shwetak Patel receives Top Innovator Award
Congratulations to Shwetak for receiving a 2010 Top Innovator Award from Seattle Business!

2010 Outstanding Paper awarded to Kaibao Nie
EE Adjunct Professor Nie was lead author on the paper.

Nichols' Poster Takes Second at OCEANS 2010
This is the twenty-seventh year of the student poster competition.

Students' Article Featured on Cover of Nanotechnology
The September 2010 issue of the journal Nanotechnology featured an article by UW EE students.

UWEE in the News: Innovation: The smartphone's shape-shifting future
NewScientist Tech - October, 11, 2010

NRC Assessment of Research Doctorate Programs
UWEE's statement regarding serious flaws in NRC's methodology.

Ming-Ting Sun Wins 2010 IBM Faculty Award
Awards program recognizes collaboration between IBM researchers and faculty members at leading universities.

UWEE in the News: SNUPI's Smart-Home Sensors Communicate Via the Copper Already in the Walls
Popsci - September 15, 2010

UWEE in the News: Home wiring as an antenna: Discovery spawns UW startup
TechFlash - September 15, 2010

UWEE in the News: Home's electrical wiring acts as antenna to receive low-power sensor data
UW News - September 15, 2010

Two UWEE Papers in Proceedings of IEEE
This is the 1st time this prestigious journal devotes the whole issue to RFID.

Mari Ostendorf receives Rigas Award
Award will be presented to her during the Frontiers in Education Conference in Washington, D.C. next month.

UWEE in the News: Breakthrough For Deaf, Hard Of Hearing: A Mobile Phone Call
Q13 Fox News - August 25, 2010

Dean Lytle Electrical Engineering Endowed Lecture Series
Dr. Thomas Kailath, Hitachi America Professor of Engineering Emeritus at Stanford, will be speaking on October 11th and 12th.

UWEE in the News: 15 UW students, alumni selected for Fulbright Scholarships
UW News - August 19, 2010

UWEE in the News: Deaf, hard-of-hearing UW students test sign language cell phone
King5 News - August 18, 2010

Frankye Jones named 2010 Distinguished Graduate Program Assistant
Frankye has now won both grad advisor honors awarded by the UW Graduate School.

Ali Al-Awami awarded 'Best Poster'
Poster was presented at the 2010 IEEE PES General Meeting.

UWEE in the News: Deaf, hard-of-hearing students do first test of sign language by cell phone
UW News - August 16, 2010

UWEE in the News: NASA Talk is High Tech Prescription for Contact Lenses - July 30, 2010

Erik Josberger receives Astronaut Scholarship
2010-2011 award is one of only twenty made nationwide.

UWEE Alumni in the News: KEMA Vice President Receives Prestigious CIGRE Awards - July 27, 2010

UWEE in the News: A Light-Driven Plasmonic Motor
IEEE Spectrum - July 2010

UWEE in the News: The Future of Robotics - Raven 2
Popular Science - August 2010

UWEE in the News: Bye-Bye Batteries: Radio Waves as a Low-Power Source
New York Times - July 16, 2010

UWEE in the News: UW Partnership with Pico Computing Receives $100,000 for Genomics Research
Washington Technology Center News - July 8, 2010

Bowen Cheng awarded 'Best Paper'
His submission won "Best Paper at the Symposium" at the International Symposium on Microelectronics.

2010 Graduation Ceremony Video
Watch this year's EE graduation ceremony online!

UWEE in the News: Thermal-powered, insectlike robot crawls into microrobot contenders' ring
UW News - July 1, 2010

UWEE in the News: Power from thin air
The Economist - June 10, 2010

Linda Bai awarded NSF Fellowship
This year UWEE has three NSF Fellowship winners!

UWEE in the News: Student-built blimp finds unique job in Computer Science Building
University Week - June 3, 2010

Sudip Shekhar awarded 'Best Paper'
Now at Intel, Ph.D. grad co-authored paper with Professor Allstot and Intel colleagues.

Grad student Patrick Aubin receives post-doctoral awards
Patrick will be graduating with his Ph.D. at the end of this quarter.

UWEE in the News: Beyond the Smart Grid: Sensor networks monitor residential and institutional devices, motivating energy conservation
Communications of the ACM - June 2010

Pavel Nikitin awarded 'Best Paper'
His paper was presented at April's IEEE RFID 2010 conference in Orlando, Florida.

The Spring 2010 issue of The Integrator is now available
The latest edition of our alumni newsletter is now available in PDF format.

Leo Lam wins 2010 "Student Innovator: Teaching" award
He'll be honored at the College of Engineering's Community of Innovators Awards ceremony on June 1.

Remote Access Lab Proposal Funded
Funds will be used to create an EE remote access lab environment.

Eric Arendt receives Dean's Medal
For the third year in a row, an EE student has been selected as one of the Dean's Medalists!

Seminar: John R. Long, Delft University of Technology
"Future Directions for RF IC Design in Silicon Microelectronic Technologies"
May 17, 1:30pm

Gary Swofford to speak at EE commencement
1968 UWEE alumnus is the General Manager of Swofford Energy Consulting and served as a Vice President for Puget Sound Energy.

UWEE in the News: Smart Tech Measures Personal Water Consumption
Discovery News - May 7, 2010

Karl Böhringer appointed Fluke Chair
Five-year term started March 16.

UWEE in the News: Brian Otis - Tiny chips, big potential in the field
The Trend - Spring 2010

UWEE in the News: Georg Seelig - On the frontiers of synthetic biology
The Trend - Spring 2010

Belkin buys Zensi
Professor Shwetak Patel's startup company has been acquired by Belkin Technologies.

UWEE in the News: Bionic contacts becoming reality at UW
KING 5's Evening Magazine - March 30, 2010

DoE Awards $2.5M to Develop Training Program on Clean Energy & Smart Grids
Professor El-Sharkawi is the lead PI for the UW part of this joint UW/WSU project.

Cohn and Medero awarded NSF Fellowships
Three year awards provided through the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

Jandhyala and Poovendran Promoted
Effective September 16, Vikram Jandhyala and Radha Poovendran are Full Professors!

UWEE in the News: AMARSi project could see robots learn from co-workers - March 12, 2010

Paul Packan named Intel Fellow
Former student honored by Intel.

Sina Nia Kosari wins NSERC postgraduate scholarship
The three-year award comes from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

Five EE students selected as Mary Gates Scholars
The winners were announced this week!

Jonathan Lester awarded 'Best Paper'
The award came as part of last week's "Pervasive Health 2010" conference.

Basel Alomair wins William C. Carter Award
Award will be presented at the IEEE/IFIP International Conference on June 30 in Chicago.

Tim Kowalewski Wins Best Doctoral Candidate Award
The award was part of last week's Doctoral Consortium for Medical Simulation and Robotics in Chicago.

Scott Hauck receives 2010 Distinguished Teaching Award
The award winners were announced today by the UW Office of Academic Affairs.

NAE Seattle Grand Challenges Summit
UW hosts a National Academy of Engineering summit May 2-3, 2010 featuring panel discussions and a student design competition.

UWEE in the News: An Express Lane From Camera to Computer
New York Times - March 12, 2010

The 2010 edition of the Electrical Engineering Kaleidoscope is now online!
Features include research articles written by our students and a profile of UWEE's longstanding partnership with Intel.

Seminar: Richard Murray, California Institute of Technology
"Feedback and Control in Biological Circuit Design"
March 12, 3:30pm

Seminar: Oliver Paul, University of Freiburg
"CMOS MEMS for Mechanical Sensing and Neuroscience"
March 8, 1:30pm

Georg Seelig Receives 2010 CAREER Award
NSF has given Professor Seelig a CAREER award for his proposal ""Nucleic acid circuitry for programming gene expression."

Three UW EE Alumni Win Outstanding Recruiter Awards from Sandia Lab
Lisa Anderson (formerly Hansen), David Burnett, and Harvey Ho have received the ?Outstanding Recruiter Award?.

UWEE in the News: Infrastructure Sensors Improve Home Monitoring
Computing Now - January 2010

UWEE in the News: Butterfly vision through the eyes of an engineer
University Week - January 28, 2010

UWEE in the News: While current technology is deployed, UW researchers work on next-generation devices
University Week - January 21, 2010

"Bumblebee" wins 2010 DAC/ISSCC Design Competition
The design will be featured at the upcoming ISSCC and DAC conferences.

UWEE in the News: President Honors Outstanding Early-Career Scientists
The White House Blog - January 14, 2010
Also see the official White House press release, plus our original announcement of Michael Hochberg's award

UWEE in the News: Washington Technology Center awards $394,910 to spur innovation and jobs
Washington Technology Center News - January 4, 2010

2010 Electrical Engineering Leadership Seminar
Come hear talks by leading executives that all graduated from our department!


Nabar and Wu win "Pride at Boeing" award
Two of Radha Poovendran's students were honored by Boeing for "high impact contributions".

UWEE in the News: Building a Better Bar-Bot
MSNBC - December 31, 2009

That's Professor Squash Champion, thank you
Vikram Jandhyala has been dominating the courts this year...

UWEE in the News: Green Energy Branches Out
Columns - December 2009

UWEE in the News: Best Amplifier Maker and Formidable Shredder: Ben Verellen (EE alum)
Seattle Weekly - Best of Seattle 2009

Lih Lin named 2010 IEEE Fellow
Professor Lin has been honored by the IEEE with its most prestigious award.

UWEE in the News: Gold, silver medals for UW teams in the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition
University Week - November 19, 2009
Also see the related story in The Daily

Larson, Cohn win Top Research Prize from Madrona Venture Group
They were part of an interdisciplinary team competing at CSE's affiliates day.

Mani Soma named IEEE CAS President-Elect
He'll serve as the society's President-Elect in 2010, then President in 2011.

UWEE in the News: A Battery-Free Implantable Neural Sensor
MIT Technology Review - November 5, 2009

Special EE/Physics Joint Nano Seminar
Dr. Prabhakar Pradhan of Northwestern University will be speaking Tuesday, November 10 at 4:00pm.

UWEE in the News: Augmented Reality Is Both a Fad and the Future -- Here's Why - November 1, 2009

UWEE in the News: Augmented reality to alter how we see the world
San Francisco Chronicle - October 26, 2009

UWEE in the News: Building a Bionic Eye: Peering into the Future
The Economist - September 30, 2009

Rahul Vanam wins "Best Student Paper"
Rahul's paper was presented at the 2009 Western New York Image Processing workshop.

Fall issue of The Integrator is now available
The latest edition of our alumni newsletter is now available in PDF format.

Parviz and Otis awarded EFRI grant
Professors Babak Parviz and Brian Otis have received a two million dollar grant from NSF's Office of Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation.

Young Scientist Award for Parmoon Seddighrad
She received the Young Scientist Best Paper Award at the European Solid-State Circuits Conference.

Parmoon Seddighrad Wins Intel Fellowship
She is one of only three 2009-10 Intel Foundation Ph.D. Fellowship Award winner here at UW.

UWEE in the News: Caught in the college arms race, students and parents pay more and more
Pacific Northwest Magazine - September 20, 2009

UWEE in the News: iConcertCal for iPhone (written by two UWEE alumni)
Computer World - September 16, 2009

First Peden Fellowship awardee selected
Tamara Bonaci has been named the first winner of the Irene Peden Fellowship.

Dean Lytle Electrical Engineering Endowed Lecture Series
Dr. Irwin Jacobs, co-founder of Qualcomm, will be speaking on October 15 at 10:30am.

UWEE in the News: Electrical circuit runs entirely off power in trees
UW News - September 8, 2009

UWEE in the News: Pinpoint Utility Meter
National Academy of Engineering Radio - September 6, 2009

Former student Loukas Lazos wins NSF CAREER award
Loukas, who earned his Ph.D. under Radha Poovendran, has been named a 2009 NSF CAREER award winner.

Bob Spindel honored by the Acoustical Society of America
ASA's Silver Medal in Acoustical Oceanography will be presented to him at the October ASA meeting.

UWEE in the News: Assistant Professor Shwetak Patel wins TR35 award
MIT Technology Review - August 18, 2009

Xiaolan Xu Wins Student Paper Award
She took second place in the student paper competition at IGARSS '09.

Hochberg wins 2009 PECASE
Assistant Professor Michael Hochberg has been named a recipient of a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.

Otis Receives NSF 2009 CAREER Award
Assistant Professor Brian Otis has received funding for his proposal "A Scalable, Ultra-Low Power Active Fabric for ECoG."

UWEE in the News: Sensors for Tracking Home Water Use
MIT Technology Review - June 30, 2009

UWEE in the News: Virtual Vision - June 19, 2009

UWEE in the News: U of Washington Speeds Images 100X Moving C to FPGA
Chip Design Magazine - June 17, 2009

Kuang-Wei Cheng receives 'Best Paper' award
His paper was selected from among 107 competitors at the RFIC symposium.

Sergey Feldman Wins Bonderman Travel Fellowship
Winners of this unique-to-UW award are chosen by the Graduate School.

New book co-authored by two EE alumni
Yasmin Karimli and Jun Liu have just published HSPA Performance and Evolution: A practical perspective

UWEE in the News: A Laptop Cooled with Ionic Wind
Technology Review - May 19, 2009
Also see related story in Scientific American

Gupta, Hauck, and Heaton Win Community of Innovator Awards
Both EE faculty and EE staff are being honored by CoE.

Brian Pepin wins Dean's Medal
The award will be presented on June 4 at the College of Engineering's Community of Innovators Awards ceremony.

UWEE in the News: Inside These Lenses, a Digital Dimension
New York Times - April 25, 2009

EE Graduation Celebration
On Friday, 12 June 2009, the EE department will hold graduation celebrations honoring all students graduating between Autumn 2008 and Summer 2009.

Patrick Tague wins 'Best Student Paper'
Awarded at the 18th Annual IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Radio Communication (PIMRC) in Athens.

Frank Sun wins Fulbright Fellowship
Frank will be doing research at K.U. Leuven in Belgium during the 2009-2010 academic year.

UWEE in the News: HydroSense wins Environmental Innovation Challenge at the UW - April 3, 2009

Two graduate students win NDSEG Fellowships
Will Biederman and Dan Yeager have been awarded these prestigious three-year fellowships.

Lih Lin Promoted
Lih Lin has been promoted to Full Professor.

UWEE in the News: Sign Language By Cellphone
IEEE Spectrum - March 2009

EE Authors Win 2009 Award for Excellence
Ehsan Saeedi, Samuel Kim, and Professor Babak Parviz were honored by the Emerald Literati Network.

Gupta to speak at Early Career Award Recognition Symposium March 4th
Maya will speak on the subject "How to Make Good Guesses".

Former student Cameron Charles wins NSF CAREER award
Cameron, who earned his Ph.D. under Dave Allstot, has been named a 2009 NSF CAREER award winner.

Gupta and Klavins Promoted
Maya Gupta and Eric Klavins have both been promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure.

EEK wins another CASE Award
This past year's EEK 2008 Magazine has received a CASE District VIII Communications Awards competition "Silver Award" in the Student & Alumni Publications Category.

Fazel Receives NSF 2009 CAREER Award
Assistant Professor Maryam Fazel was honored for her proposal titled "Parsimonious Modeling via Matrix Rank Minimization."

UWEE in the News: Campus News and Notes
BioRobotics Lab's EDGE (formerly the Red Dragon) named a "top technology of 2008" by the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons
University Week - January 15, 2009

UWEE in the News: Medical technologists at CES: 'Your lungs are calling!'
Howard Chizeck participated in a medical technology panel discussion at this year's show (flagged as one of the Top 10 Must See Sessions at CES 2009) - January 9, 2009

2009 Electrical Engineering Leadership Seminar
Come hear talks by leading executives that all graduated from our department!


UWEE in the News: Maya Gupta receives a 2007 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers - December 18, 2008

UWEE in the News: Researchers work on developing sign language for cellphones
Seattle Times - December 2, 2008

UWEE in the News: UW scientists part of breakthrough in optical nanotechnology
Seattle Post Intelligencer - November 26, 2008
(the original Nature letter can be read here)

2009 IEEE Fellows
Professor Hui Liu, Professor Eve Riskin, and Adjunct Professor Richard Ladner have been honored by the IEEE.

UWEE in the News: Babak Parviz' "Bionic Contacts" are #24 on Time Magazine's "Best Inventions of 2008"
Time Magazine - November 10, 2008

HallowEEn Design Challenge
The winners of this year's contest have been announced!

UWEE in the News: Air Conditioner
NPR's The Loh Down on Science covers research on improving air-conditioner efficiency done by new EE faculty member Shwetak Patel.
National Public Radio - October 23, 2008

UWEE in the News: UW creates a computer mouse driven by sound
Seattle Times - October 6, 2008

Check out the new EE Blog for undergrads and grads!
Want to stay on top of the latest info from EE Advising? Look here first!

UWEE in the News: UW buys multimillion-dollar tool for nanotech research
UW News - August 28, 2008

UWEE in the News: Signing by cell: Can you see me now?
University Week - August 21, 2008

Pascal Clark Wins Thesis Award
He's been selected as the inaugaral recipient of the Graduate School'sDistinguished Thesis Award.

Leung Tsang received the 2008 IGARSS Distinguished Achievement Award
The IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society met this past July in Boston.

UWEE in the News: NSF Announces Expeditions in Computing Awards
Eric Klavins is part of the CalTech-UW collaboration receiving this $10 million award - August 18, 2008

UWEE in the News: Washington Technology Center Awards $512,269 in Research Funding
Karl Böhringer, Maya Gupta, and Scott Hauck garner three out of seven total awards made by the WTC.
Washington Technology Center News - July 7, 2008

UWEE in the News: Mini-subs exploring Sacramento River
CNet News - June 20, 2008

2008 EE Department Awards
Wondering who were this year's winners? Read on...

Mari Ostendorf and Ken Eguro win CoE awards
They were both honored at this year's Community of Innovators awards ceremony on June 4.

Will Mortensen wins CoE Dean's Medal
EE student will receive award at the annual Community of Innovators award ceremony.

UWEE in the News: Jeff Bilmes' "Vocal Joystick" one of Network World's '25 leading-edge IT research projects'
Network World - April 18, 2008

Frankye Jones named Graduate Program Assistant of the Year
She was honored by the Graduate and Professional Student Senate and the UW Graduate School.

Professional Masters Program is launched for part-time evening students
50 students have already enrolled during this inaugural year.

Ying Su wins Master's Scholarship
Renewable award comes from the Intel Foundation and Semicondicutor Research Corporation's Educational Alliance.

Michael Hegg awarded 'Best Presentation' at NANO-DDS
He was honored for presenting his paper "A nanocrystal quantum dot photodetector".

Denise Wilson wins Munro Service Award
She's being honored by UW for her exemplary leadership in community-based instruction.

Guest Lecture by Xudong Wang - 9am Tuesday, 3/11
"Scalable Wireless Mesh Networks: System Architecture, Protocols, and Algorithms"

Kevin Xiaoxiong Gu awarded 'Best Paper'
He presented his paper at the 57th Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) in Reno.

UWEE in the News: Bridging an engineer shortage
Seattle Times - February 25, 2008

UWEE in the News: Colloidal Quantum Dots: Filling the Gap
Nature Photonics Research Highlights - February 1, 2008

Allstot receives 2008 SIA University Researcher Award
This award is presented by the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC).

Mosin Mondal wins Best Paper award
He was honored at this year's Electrical Performance of Electronic Packages Conference in Atlanta.

UWEE in the News: Self-Assembling Bionic Eyes Coming Soon - January 18, 2008
Also see related articles in: The Economist, MIT Technology Review, MSNBC, Fox News, EE Times, Gizmag, UW News, CBC, Yahoo News, National Geographic News, Computerworld, many more...

UWEE in the News: Learning from Katrina
IEEE Spectrum - January 8, 2008

2008 Electrical Engineering Leadership Seminar
Come hear from leading executives that all graduated from UWEE!

Hochberg wins Air Force Young Investigator funding
Just 29 receiving funding as part of the Air Force's inaugural Young Investigator Research Program.


Kelin Kuhn named Intel Fellow
Former student and faculty member honored by Intel.

Dave Allstot to serve as CASS President for 2009
He's been elected by the membership of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society.

HallowEEN Design Challenge Winners!
The ballots have been counted, and the winners chosen.

UWEE in the News: When 'Ee' Means 'Move Right'
New York Times - November 7, 2007

UWEE in the News: Adjunct Professor Yoky Matsuoka wins McArthur 'Genius' fellowship
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - September 25, 2007

Self-Assembling Robots on IEEE Control Systems Cover
The August 2007 cover features the Self Organizing Systems Group's self-assembling robots.

UWEE in the News: China8 project boxes up grand ad plan
USA Today - August 28, 2007

Babak Parviz wins TR35 award
Technology Review honors Babak as one of the elite young innovators.

Leo Lam wins Business Plan Competition award
Team ISD4 wins "Best Idea Award for Technology".

Emeritus Professor Chih-Chi Hsu
Professor Hsu passed away on July 11, at the age of 84. He served on our faculty for 35 years.

2007 Graduation Photos!
Professor El-Sharkawi has taken a lot of great photos of this year's graduation events. (Note: you can view his photos from past years' celebrations here).

EE Students win PhD Fellowships
Cherry Wakayama and Jeff Walling have been honored with 2007 Intel Foundation Fellowships.

Angel Bailey wins CoE Innovator award
She has been selected as this year's "Outstanding Classified Staff Innovator".

UWEE in the News: NASA to Test Portable Robot Surgeon
Washington Post - April 19, 2007

EE Senior Receives Goldwater Honorable Mention
Sam Burden is the latest EE student to do well in the Goldwater scholarship competition.

Two EE grad students win NSF fellowships
Amy Dashiell and Rob Egbert have been awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships.

Students awarded "Best Paper"
Patrick Ngatchou and Jianchun Dong were two of the authors.

Gupta receives Young Investigator Award
The award comes from the Office of Naval Research.

Grad students win conference best paper award
Samuel Kim and Ehsan Saeedi were awarded "best paper" at a recent IEEE conference.

UWEE in the News: UW teams win international math contest
UW News - March 23, 2007

Eve Riskin wins UW leadership award
Professor Riskin was named co-winner of the UW David B. Thorud Leadership Award.

Babak Parviz wins NSF CAREER award
For "Self-Assembly of Functional Systems Within Live Cells."

Parviz honored as 'Rising Young Investigator'
The list was compiled by Genome Technology Magazine.

UWEE in the News: Erudite's ready and waiting
Everett Herald - March 19, 2007

UWEE in the News: EE Affiliate Professor named as next head of Microsoft Research
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - March 5, 2007

UWEE in the News: Deaf to sign via video handsets
BBC News - February 16, 2007

2007 Electrical Engineering Leadership Seminar
Come hear from leading executives that all graduated from UWEE!

UWEE in the News: Weathering the Storm: Students rebuild after Katrina
University Week - January 18, 2007


UWEE in the News: Robot could help utility companies
King 5 television - December 27, 2006

Sumit Roy named 2007 IEEE Fellow
The IEEE has bestowed its top honor on Professor Roy.

UWEE in the News: Nanophotonics: Guiding the way
Nature Photonics Research Highlights - November 9, 2006

UWEE in the News: Moms in Academia: Will it be faculty or family?
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - October 28, 2006

UWEE in the News: BEAN / Young, smart and socially aware, they're pros at volunteering
Seattle Times - October 8, 2006

UWEE in the News: Computers: Chilling Chips
Newsweek - September 18, 2006

UWEE in the News: Bursting Tech Bubbles Before They Balloon
IEEE Spectrum - September 2006

UWEE in the News:Tiny Pump Cools Chips
Technology Review - August 30, 2006

UWEE in the News: Researcher brings space age to surgery equipment, procedures
The Hindu - August 24, 2006

Eve Riskin wins Rigas Award
Professor Riskin has been honored with the 2006 Hewlett Packard/Harriet B. Rigas Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Education Society.

Affiliate faculty articles in IEEE 'Top 100'
Papers by Affiliate Assistant Professor Pavel Nikitin and Affiliate Professor Bishnu Atal are among the 100 most accessed IEEE articles.

Denice Denton
Former CoE Dean Denice Denton died on Saturday June 24 in San Francisco.

Graduation video and photos!
We have posted a video of the graduation ceremony online. Additionally, all of Professor El-Sharkawi's graduation photos are available for viewing.

Endrik Noges passes away
EE Emeritus Professor and former Department Chair Endrik Noges passed away on June 6th.

Tomorrow's battlefield surgeon may not be flesh and blood
Read this Seattle PI story about a surgeon testing Blake Hannaford's remote surgical robot.

ArtEEse - the EE Art Walk
ArtEEse 2006 was a smashing success, and a lot of fun for everyone involved!

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the centennial a smashing success! Our centennial photos and other materials have been permanently moved into the "About Us" section, where they will be available long term.

Anna Pyayt Wins 2006 SPIE Educational Scholarship
Anna was selected for her potential long-range contributions to the fields of optics and photonics.

Eve Riskin honored as 'University Change Agent'
Professor Riskin has been named the first 2006 recipient of the "University Change Agent Award" by WEPAN (Women in Engineering Programs & Advocates Network).

Sudip Shekhar and Jean Wang win Intel Foundation Fellowships
Two of our graduate students have recently been awarded these renewable fellowships from Intel.

Jue Wang wins Microsoft Research Fellowship
EE graduate student Jue Wang was named a recipient of this very competitive fellowship.

The 2006 Electrical Engineering Kaleidoscope is online!
this year's EEK showcases the research of our current grad students and post docs.

Sinclair Yee wins UW Outstanding Service award
Award is presented to honor extensive local and/or national and international service.

Two more faculty honored as IEEE Fellows
Professors Blake Hannaford and C. J. Richard Shi have been named as IEEE Fellows for 2006.

Talking Rains take first in 'Ride in the Rain'
Our very own bike team blew by the competition in this annual Transportation Services competition.

Deirdre Meldrum named Dean at ASU's Fulton School of Engineering
Professor Meldrum will be assuming her new post beginning January 2007.


Sieg Hall Grand Reopening
Members of the EE and CoE community were present for the long-anticipated ceremony marking the end of Sieg's dramatic renovation.

Denise Wilson releases ENose Toolbox
Toolbox provides a new support framework for the design, understanding, and analysis of chemical and biological sensor systems.

ADVANCE and the Center for Institutional Change (CIC) featured in University Week
Groups are working to increase the number of women pursuing careers in science and engineering.

RRSL Milestone: First Light on EWU-MRO Link
Melissa Meyer and Zac Berkowitz have created the first working instance of a tristatic passive radar.

UW Team Wins Honorable Mention in Hydrogen Power Contest
Liyang Chen, Justin Reed, and faculty advisor Kai Strunz helped the UW team make an impressive showing in the 2005 Hydrogen Systems Design Contest.

Xiaodan Song receives invitation to inaugural IBM seminar series
Xiaodan will be participating in the first annual IBM "Emerging Leaders in Multimedia" seminar series.

Radha Poovendran wins PECASE award
Radha was recently named a recipient of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.

EE Graduation Video
Miss the EE graduation ceremony? We've got the video available for you, in various sizes and formats.

Graduation photos!
Professor El-Sharkawi has posted his collection of graduation photos from 2005 (and past years) for all to enjoy.

New Fellowship winners!
Quite a few EE graduate students have recently been awarded fellowships. Way to go, guys!

2005 Electrical Engineering Graduation Celebration
Our combined celebration for B.S., Masters, and Ph.D. graduates is June 10.

Professor David Allstot named new EE department Chair
Acting Dean Mani Soma announces that David Allstot is our new Chair of Electrical Engineering.

2005 College of Engineering Open House: April 21-22
Here you'll find up-to-date information about EE exhibits, as well as a link to the comprehensive CoE event page.

Riskin quoted on "Women in Science and Engineering"
Eve Riskin was quoted extensively in "Beat the Clock: Biological vs. Tenure"

EE undergraduate awarded Goldwater Scholarship
Our own Jason Parker was recently honored as a recipient of this prestigous award.

Talk by Rama Chellappa, University of Maryland
"Recognition of Humans and their Activities" - Gates Commons - April 8, 10:30am

EEK wins CASE award
The 2004 edition of our Electrical Engineering Kaleidoscope has been honored by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education in its latest regional competition.

Winter quarter centennial seminar series
This series gives EE students a chance to hear from executives - all of whom graduated from UWEE!

Professor Mani Soma named acting dean
Mani is taking the helm of the College of Engineering while the search for Dean Denton's replacement goes forward.

2005 Polar Bears ring in the new year
A picture (and a video) is worth a thousand words...


Professors Meldrum, Ostendorf named IEEE Fellows
This well-deserved honor brings the total number of IEEE Fellows on our faculty to 23.

UWEE Alumnus named 2005 IEEE Fellow
Dr. Donald Wunsch, 1991 UWEE alumnus, was recently honored by the IEEE.

Meldrum on cover of Genome Technology
Journal article discusses the new Microscale Life Sciences Center.

Department wins more undergrad seats, TAs
New resources will help UWEE to meet growing demand for admission.

Melissa Meyer wins poster contest
Melissa recently won at the CEDAR 2004 Student Poster Contest in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Costas Boulis Awarded 'Best Student Paper'
The award is from the 2004 European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases.

Jandhyala wins UW squash tournament
Vikram Jandhyala, an A-division squash player, has won the 2004 UW intramural squash tournament.

EE Commencement - photos and video!

Pyayt Wins Nanotechnology UIF Award
First year EE graduate student Anna Pyayt has been honored for her research.

Radha Poovendran wins YIP Award
Radha has received the Office of Naval Research's Young Investigator Program award.

Klavins and Javidi latest CAREER recipients
The EE department is proud to announce its latest two CAREER winners.

Trash-talkin' on campus
Some of our students used their mad EE skillz to play one heck of an April Fools' joke.

Alex Mamishev interviewed on KUOW
Steve Scher interviewed Alex about SWAT and FIRST Robotics.

EE students wow in table tennis tournament
Three of our students placed in this year's regional tournament.


Ajay Anand wins ASA Best Paper
Ajay was honored by the Acoustical Society of America for Best Student Paper.

Congratulations to our 2004 IEEE Fellows
Three more of our faculty have been honored!

Professor Meldrum Named AAAS Fellow
Professor Deirdre Meldrum has been elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Affiliate Prof. Goldstein wins IEEE, OSA honors
Evan Goldstein has been named a Fellow of both IEEE and OSA.

Loose Bits available on Web
Acting Chair Bruce Darling's regular updates on department news are now being archived for your viewing pleasure.

Jiang/Wistort Honored for Conference Paper
Students took second place in the International Student Paper Contest at the IEEE Transmission and Distribution Conference.

Department gathers to thank Howard Chizeck
On September 12 we all got together to say "thank you" to Howard for his past five years as Chair.

EE now has nine women faculty!
We've hit the twenty percent milestone!

Gope and Wang earn Best Paper
Two of our graduate students recently were honored at a Dallas conference.

Crazy Shirt Day
Friday July 25th was not just payday - it was also EE's first annual Crazy Shirt Day!

Sam Larson awarded Intel undergrad grant
Sam's proposal has been selected to receive a grant from the Intel Student Research Contest for Undergraduate Students.

Melissa Meyer's URSI Paper Wins Contest
Melissa won first prize in URSI's student paper contest.

EE Awards Day winners
EE recently held it's 2003 departmental awards ceremony.

Graduation photos
Many thanks to Professor El-Sharkawi!

Artease3 - EE's third annual Art Walk
May 21st saw the third iteration of the EE Art walk.

Les Atlas receives Fulbright Senior Scholar Award
Professor Atlas has been named a Fulbright Scholar!

Jeyanandh Paramesh Awarded Intel Fellowship
Jeyanandh Paramesh, a graduate student working with Professor David Allstot, has been awarded an Intel Fellowship for 2003-04.

Kai Strunz Named CAREER Award Winner
Professor Kai Strunz becomes our department's eleventh winner of the NSF CAREER award.

Students phase I winners in SRC Design contest
Congratulations to UW EE students for first place in SRC Design contest (Phase I)

EE prof's students take part in TV robot building competition
Three of Linda Bushnell's students will be working against the clock to build a robot on new television show Robot Rivals.

Students prepare for robotics challenge
The SWAT Robotics team is hard at work on this year's FIRST challenge.


Böhringer research in "Discovery Top 100"
Silicon and Polymer "fingers" help manage small maintenance satellites.

EE Grad Student Travels to Antarctica
Anthony Mactutis will be studying the upper atmosphere during this upcoming "Summer" field season.

EEIC presents Professor A. G. Phadke
"GPS Synchronization for Wide Area Protection and Control"

The "EE Speed" team does the Dawg Dash
Several members of the department recently participated in this scholarship-raising event.

Photos from the Halloween Party!
An October tradition around here - costumed characters invade the office.

Dr. Devanand K. Shenoy to speak
His talk is titled "Molecular Engineering of Materials: Effect at Interfaces and in the Bulk of Liquid Crystals"

UWEE Welcomes Dr. Tara Javidi
We are pleased to welcome another new addition to our faculty.

2002 Engineering Career Fair
The annual Engineering Career Fair was held Wednesday, October 16 and Thursday, October 17 at the HUB.

EE alumnus wins top UW award
Donald Baker has received the Alumnus Summa Laude Dignatus award.

Poovendran named ARO Young Investigator
Radha has won the Army Research Office's Young Investigator's Program (YIP) award.

Graduation 2002 photo gallery
Professor El-Sharkawi shares some of the great pictures he took at this year's graduation ceremonies. Click on the small images to see the larger version of each picture.

EE has six undergrad Mary Gates winners!
Six of our undergraduates have been awarded these prestigious grants.

Departmental awards winners announced
The Department of Electrical Engineering recently came together to honor this year's outstanding faculty, staff, and students.

UWEE Welcomes Dr. Kai Strunz
We are pleased to welcome this new addition to our faculty.

Mark Chang wins Intel fellowship
A 2001-2002 Intel Foundation Graduate Fellowship award goes to ACME Lab's Mark Chang.

EEK 2002 is on-line!
The newest version of the Electrical Engineering Kaleidoscope is now online! You can still download the 2001 version as well.

Deirdre Meldrum speaks on "Life on a Chip"
Professor Meldrum discussed her research as part of the College of Arts and Sciences Science Forum series.

Our 2002 graduation celebration is coming up!
On Friday, 14 June 2002, the EE department will hold a graduation celebration honoring all students graduating between Autumn 2001 and Summer 2002.

Charles Peach wins SRC Fellowship!
Charles Peach, one of David Allstot's graduate students, has received a very prestigious award.

Another milestone for our Chair
Professor Chizeck reaches the Big Five-Oh.

Phebe Burgos' retirement party
After 28 years at the UW, Phebe decided to retire. Come take a look at some photos from her party!


Carl Sechen named IEEE Fellow
UW EE now as 19 IEEE Fellows on faculty!

Mary Gates Research Training Grant Winners!
Seven of our undergraduates recently were awarded these prestigious grants.

Halloween Photos!
'Nuff said.

Annual Engineering Career Fair
This year's CoE Career Fair was held October 30th and 31st.

Kudos to Kuterdem!
EE graduate student Gorken Kuterdem ends successful year as GPSS President.

EE Faculty Early Career Award Winners
The quality of our faculty is outstanding. A large portion of the faculty have received recognition early in their careers:

EE Graduation Recognition Events
EE is holding its first annual graduation recognition events for all of its graduating students.

2001 EE Awards Day
And the winners are ...

Mobile Robots outreach workshops
Linda Bushnell and some of our current and former students recently led an educational outreach workshop on mobile robots for high school students.

Microsoft selects EE as a test partner
UWEE will be serving as a test ground for Windows XP.

EE has Four New CAREER Award Winners!
Four more of our Assistant Professors have been recognized by NSF!

Career Day 2001
On April 23, we'll be hosting another of our outreach and recruitment activities focussed on getting kids interested in engineering in general, and UWEE in particular!

April Fools' Day
The Webmaster had a little fun confusing people with a "special edition" of the Web page.

Robotics Festival
On Saturday, February 17, our local robotics teams will have some fun and tune up before the regional and national competitions!

John Schulz Retirement Party
The department is coming together to honor John's 40 years of outstanding service supporting EE students.

Alumni Reception at ISSCC, February 6
This will be the first of what we hope will be regular UW EE alumni receptions at large industry conferences.


First Lego Robotics competition
On December 4, the EE seniors enrolled in Linda Bushnell's "Principles of Mobile Robotics" participated in the EE department's first ever Lego Robotics competition.

Professor Meldrum wins NIH awards
Professor Diedre Meldrum recently received funding for two major NIH research grants: "Advanced Develop/Test ACAPELLA Automated Sample Handler" and "Automated Minimal Residual Disease Quantification".

Annual Engineering Career Fair
Well over one hundred employers will be at the HUB October 25 & October 26, ready to discuss employment opportunities with engineering students.

New curriculum targets shortage of hi-tech workers
Professors Mani Soma and Eve Riskin are co-directing the development of a curriculum that will provide access to a broader spectrum of students.

New Introductory Course - Secret Life of the Electron
The EE department introduced a new course, targeting both prospective majors and non-majors who just want a good grounding in the fundamentals of electrical engineering.

Teen 'Guest Hackers' in Linux Lab
On August 24, EE's new Linux Lab hosted a security workshop featuring C&C's Dave Dittrich and two teenage hackers.

Sze Lecture
Professor Simon M. Sze, Distinguished EE Alum, Returns to the UW on July 31 to present "Four Decades of Developments in Microelectronics: Achievements and Challenges".

Awards Day
This year, the awards were expanded to recognize outstanding faculty and staff, in addition to the students!

Career Day
Top-notch high school students from our area were invited to spend the day with a UW engineering student, and got to hear from people who've made engineering their profession.

Robots Shine in Orlando!
A first-year partnership between the UW EE department, Seattle Robotics Society, and Bellarmine Prep yielded very successful results in both regional and national robotics competitions.


Spring Awards Day
See the winners and other participants of the 1999 poster contest.

HollEEwood Squares
The department has a little E-week fun on a large scale!

See some photos from these student societies' annual picnic.

Eddie Wildy's retirement party


Halloween Party
If you've ever wondered just how scary the EE department can be...

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